Prophetic Word: Blessed Are They (EFH Ministries)

Prophetic Word: Blessed Are They (EFH Ministries)

1/29/19 Blessed Are They

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“Blessed are they who walk hand in hand with The Lord for they will be richly blessed. Love your neighbor and pray for those who spitefully use you. Remove yourself from the influences of Satan and pursue truth, holiness, purity and righteousness. His evil will overcome if any door is left open for him to enter. Purity, My children, this will keep the evil one away. His will is to entice you by earthly pleasures, convince you that God is inert, make sin your normal way of life, then take your life, before you have an opportunity to repent. This is his playbook and lately it has been working well for him.

The end, of course for this brief stay on earth for those who are fooled is eternal pain, suffering, and damnation to a degree that no human can imagine. Slothfulness in life allows the devil to triumph, failing to acknowledge God allows the devil to triumph, and self- absorption also allows the devil to triumph. All that is good comes from God and this is what humans need to be about.

Again, this life on earth is just a test; a test that you must pass. This pass through life is not just for pleasure and for the edification of the individual, it has a much higher purpose and your God is much higher in His Reign than poor humans can see. Be humble and love your God and He will lift you up; up to where you need to be to pass this test of life on earth. Do not fail yourself and those who love you. Study to understand Your Father and be an obedient child. This message is meant for all.

My Blessings, Your Father”

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