Prophetic Message: To Perish Is Eternal Separation From God (EFH Ministries)

Prophetic Message: To Perish Is Eternal Separation From God (EFH Ministries)

01/19/2019 John 3:16

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John 3:16…”For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Do you understand what ‘perish’ means? Perish does not mean just physical death; perish means the eternal bond broken between The Father and the soul and spirit. Can you fathom the loneliness that a spirit would suffer without the connection to it’s Father? Every spirit is designed to be connected to God and if this connection is severed, the spirit is abandoned to all that is not good, holy, lovely, pure, and righteous. It is a horrific place to be, and there is no escape. This offer to humans is only effective while they are on the earth; after that, the offer is void. Can you see how important this testing period is? All must see this and obey. My Mercy will not always strive with man. My love will always be there but Mercy is a two-way street; the recipient must reach out for mercy in order that a sufficient portion be meted out. This is therefore an issue of Choice and Will. Tell all of the message, so that Mercy can redeem sinners.

Holiness My children; you must be holy. Do not allow the world to soil your robes. Stay pure in your adoration of your Father, The Son and The Holy spirit, and do what is right in all situations. Stay the course and you will step in to heaven. Bring many with you and you will enjoy their love eternally. Put up treasure in heaven where the moth and rust do not corrupt. You will be eternally grateful that you did. Rest in the encouragement and continue in your obedience.

Blessings, Your Father

(Given to EFH Ministries)

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