Prophetic Message To America: Civil Unrest IS COMING! (Marty Breeden)

Prophetic Message To America: Civil Unrest IS COMING! (Marty Breeden)

America, Civil Unrest IS COMING! – Marty Breeden

The coming civil unrest, that is being bred and secretly planned and promoted by those in power…IS COMING!!

First, it will happen in metropolitan America….the large cities will be set ablaze….massive rioting, much bloodshed, much death will come as a result “Men” will turn on his fellow man with an animalistic nature and all human decency, care and love will fade.

Society will lose any sense of good and God and they will perform such evil, that they will slay anything that has any semblance of that which is good.

Then, the violence will spread into rural America , where…it will be met with VERY STRONG opposition!!

There will arise a strong body of people in small communities of like mind, that will band together with resources and goods that will sustain one another.

Much loss of life and liberty will come….as the end draws near…Sadly, much of America will be decimated, and the American dream will go as well.

Those who survive will do so knowing it is a gift from God… the midst of America’s massive decline, a foreign nation will invade and take control…..Now you may ask why do I say these things?…

Certainly not all, but most of America has forsaken the Lord and despised that which is good…and has aligned herself with sin and chosen wickedness …yet, God will always have His remnant…the called, the chosen, the obedient….and they will do exploits in His name!!
More commentary to come…I wish I were wrong, but sadly I can see IT COMING!!
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

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