Prophetic Word To The Church: Judgment Is Coming Upon The Church (Lindy Snow Pierce)

Prophetic Word To The Church: Judgment Is Coming Upon The Church (Lindy Snow Pierce)

Word from the Lord to the Church: Judgment is coming upon the church – Lindy Snow Pierce

Received 13 January 2019

My husband and I were in prayer after taking communion today and the Lord told me to get pen and paper because He was getting ready to speak a word to us. We had been sharing dreams we both had last night that were very similar that spoke of a huge storm coming and attacks from the enemy trying to thwart the prayers of our ancestors for us at this time. We must prepare, warn others, and walk in faith and we would see the protection and provision of the Lord in miraculous ways. There will be damage, but our prayers for each other will diminish the damage the enemy has planned.

The first thing I heard was, “The days are coming when NO ONE will listen. They all will appear deaf.” Therefore, pray for ears to be opened.

Then my husband heard, “My people, repent, repent, repent! Lay aside the superficial. Enter into prayer. Seek Me, not the world, not the entertainment. The time is at hand; the battle is real. I need My army to join Me in the fight.” Next, he wailed in the Spirit. Then said, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”

After that, I received the interpretation of what was spoken in tongues: “Yes, repent, or you too will face the fires of hell. For I cannot allow filthiness to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Repent, I say, repent! Now is the time! Do not wait even one more day. Get on your knees and ask for mercy and I will pour it out without measure. Ask Me to change your hearts to have you desire the things I desire and abhor the things I abhor, to make My thoughts your thoughts, and My ways your ways. Only then can you be made pure and holy. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts.” Then He told me to share this immediately.

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