Prophetic Vision: Dancing In The Post-Apocalyptic Ruins “The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength” (onlyagrainofsand)

Prophetic Vision: Dancing In The Post-Apocalyptic Ruins “The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength” (onlyagrainofsand)

Dancing in Post-apocalyptic Ruins “The Joy Of The Lord is my strength.” – Only a Grain of Sand

This is a vision that I have had off and on for thirty years, and have received it both interiorly and exteriorly as a short movie. I think it will come to fruition shortly, now is the time to bring it forward.

On the surface it looks inconsequential, and maybe even a little crazy. But it has a lot of layers and is highly symbolic. I believe it is more than figurative as we must inspire others who are not right with The Lord for the six weeks after the Judgement of The Warning Experience (some call it the Second Pentecost) comes and before Three Days Of Darkness bring His Final Wrath. First the vision and then the interpretation.

I am in a city that has already been partially destroyed, alone. The dust has settled. It is any big city, anywhere in the world. Happening in full daylight, all the windows are smashed out, charred ruins, dust, garbage, smoke everywhere. There are no people on the street, total silence. Anyone alive is hiding. In a white robe, I am dancing down the middle of the street, in joy and abandon, with great strides of strength and grace. This is not a shake-your-booty dance. But a dance of Hope, Praise, and Overcoming. With eyes on the Glory of The Lord. “The Joy Of The Lord is my strength.”

Now my viewpoint switches, to someone watching me dance. Up on a second floor of a building facing the street, as the sheer soiled curtains flap in the breeze, a pair of eyes follows me in amazement and shock. Their position is one of peeking out of the corner of the window as if they didn’t want anyone to see them. Such is their fear. Their spirits are uplifted, fears and paranoia settled. They now have some hope to survive this disaster of Biblical proportions. I continue to dance and go out of frame. End of Story.

The interpretation is simple and self-evident but the underlying meaning contains the following:
1. What we do affects everyone around us and everyone human in this world. We are all God’s children, were created at the same moment. We are all spirit and all connected together for better or worse.

What we do to the least of the Brothers and Sisters we do to all, and will affect all.

  1. We don’t go to Heaven alone, we either go with our Brothers and Sisters or we don’t go at all.
    3. Whatever our personal fears are in what is coming, in the Judgements and Final Wrath of God, we had better work together, to get us through this ‘Passion Play’.
    4. Many people will be extremely isolated, when the full brunt of the Tribulation develops. We must keep our ‘Peace of Mind’ now and stay in it day and night. This means staying right with The Lord, sin free, with a clear conscience at all times. That pair of eyes that stared at me from behind the curtains were lost. Whether they knew The Lord or not, I could feel the extreme loneliness they were experiencing. We had all better do our part to save our Brothers and Sisters, during the days ahead.
  2. The white robe is a stain-free garment of the overcomer, of those who have chosen The Lord and readied their lives as part of the Bride Of Christ. But some will return to Earth and are privileged to work for the Final Harvest in glorified bodies. The wearer of this white robe must be sin-free.
    6. To Dance Is To live!January 11, 2019
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