Prophetic Warning Dream & Message: WARGAMES!! (Elizabeth Marie)

Prophetic Warning Dream & Message: WARGAMES!! (Elizabeth Marie)

Prophetic warning dream/message: Wargames! – Elizabeth Marie

On January 6th, 2019, I received a prophetic dream and a message from the LORD.


I was in a foreign land, and to me it looked like I somewhere in Europe. I was with a few other people, one male, who was an American, and two women who had accents, so I assume that they were from this foreign land that I was in.

In the first scene, we went to see this huge sports event at an indoor/outdoor complex much like when the Olympics take place. We were outside and saw the event that was about to happen. There were hundreds of bicycles lining up on the right side, ready for a race. On the left were cars and trucks lining up to race against the bicycles. It looked like a very unfair race, but exciting, non-the-less. In the distance I could see the terrain that they were going to travel on — it was all uphill, very rocky and difficult looking.

It didn’t seem like the race was going to start right away, so my companions and I went to wait inside the huge complex building. We sat down in a waiting area and started talking among ourselves. Suddenly I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Behind me was a window and, in my peripheral vision, I saw something that surprised me!

Out the window, down below was a muddy river flowing towards the building complex and then going under. In the mud were these larger-than-life giants. There were brute beasts covered in mud, and resemble gorillas, cave man and other mighty men. They were marching in the water, under the building, and ultimately towards the race that was about to begin.

No one seemed to notice this silent army marching, except for me. As I turned back around to inform my friends, I noticed that there was a hole next to me that was also filled with the same muddy water as the river. Out of the hole was coming miniature war toys…. like military tanks, trucks and toy soldiers. I thought to myself (in the dream), that it was all very strange, but considered that maybe it was all part of the festivities for the big upcoming race.

When I awoke, I heard in my spirit,



—the two teams that were about to race against each other represented two countries. The ‘country’ with the vehicles were obviously the stronger ones, and more advanced in technology, than the ones that were racing on bikes.

—the gorillas and mighty men that were marching in the river towards the race, was a third country that was planning a surprise attack. They had mud all over them because they were traveling incognito. They were not only mightier than the other two countries, but they were supernaturally endowed, because of their large size and appearance. I don’t know who they were, but I believe they represent an army that is controlled by either satan’s hedge men, demonic forces or the nephilim .

—the toy tanks and vehicles that were floating in the hole next to me were war toys, which represent ‘war games’ that is now happening around the world with the super powers. It is also a sign of war coming.

This is a prophetic warning dream about the upcoming war(s)s that are coming, and they will be fought on many different fronts, with many types of armies.

As followers of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, we also are called to be in a spiritual army……we will be fighting…..but in the SPIRIT. The LORD has called many of HIS people to be in this army! It is not fought with human devices, but fought on bended knee, true worship and by the might of HIS WORD.


After praying about the dream, I then received this message:

“The war games are here and they will increase treachery, deceptions and lies pave their way. Few really know what is happening, but I see all things! As the world breaks out into war, MY HOLY SPIRIT will visit many who are suffering. HE looks for a heart that is seeking truth and HE will then visit them.
The way to destruction is great, and wide and many are those who are traveling down on it. There are many paths, but they are all headed the wrong way. It is the small, narrow path that leads to ME…..find that path!
The world is about to explode, then implode on itself. I will then be there to pick up the pieces, and to house clean the evil that is being released!
MY children should not fear because they know I come soon to collect them for MY own. I will snatch them out of the enemy’s greedy hands, for he may not have MY beloved Bride.
The news will soon come and it will be one more sign of MY coming. The birth-pangs increase and there will crying in the streets.
Put on your clean garments of salvation and adorn yourself with MY armor! It is only then that you will be truly protected.
I have called you by name…
Listen to MY voice….
I am calling….
Can you hear me?
Settle your soul down long enough so you can truly hear ME speaking. Seek Me also in the WORD, for I speak to you through it.
Now is the time for salvation, don’t wait, but confess your sins and believe in ME, and you will be saved for life eternal.
Today I hear the war drums beating, tomorrow I see My beloveds with ME!
(I believe that ‘tomorrow’ means sometime in the near future!)
Turn off the fear and put on the shield of faith,
Your bridegroom, JESUS

After receiving the message, I asked once again, “Is there anything else, dear JESUS?

I heard,

–stop sinning

–I will hear your calls

–life does not depend on bread, but on every WORD that proceeds from MY mouth

–the life source is in MY WORD

–purity comes through the washing of MY WORD, and the fiery trials of testing

–you belong to ME if you have been tested and have endured

–endure to the end


Mark 7:13

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Psalms 27:3

“Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.”

Ephesians 5:26

…..”to make her holy, cleansing[fn] her by the washing with water through the word”

Matthew 4:4

” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”





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