Prophetic Message: I Would Like To Know If Any Of You Are Smelling Smoke (Anonymous)

Prophetic Message: I Would Like To Know If Any Of You Are Smelling Smoke (Anonymous)

I would like to know if any of you are Smelling Smoke. – Anonymous

Smelling Smoke: God’s Supernatural Warning

The initial draft of Smelling Smoke was written in 2015/16. It has been updated periodically at the direction of The Spirit regarding the birth pains of Revelation 12 and to update the courtroom witness final scene snippet)


I am and have been smelling the scent of smoke since last week. I don’t know exactly when that started.

It has been brought to my attention that I need to address this.

Many of you will be tempted to say, “hey…it’s just someone burning something outside or a neighbor’s fireplace or a wildfire somewhere.” I thought the same thing too, at first….

To be honest, I was so unnerved by the smell – because it LINGERED — that I stepped outside to investigate to make sure something wasn’t on fire nearby.

The sky was clear and blue. The air was clean. I could breathe in deeply and not identify a “whisp” of it outside.

The weird part is, NO ONE ELSE around me smells it. I do not smoke. My clothes do not smell of smoke.

So, I brought up what I was experiencing to a number of bloggers and much to my surprise, I wasn’t alone in having this experience.

That’s when I took this to God.

Me: Lord, for days now I’ve been smelling something like smoke. I don’t know why. I don’t smell it outdoors. Though it comes on softly, it magnifies so that it takes over my olfactory senses, makes my eyes burn and water and even an itchy sore throat with mild burning and a mild cough. I don’t feel sick though. What does this mean?”

He wasted no time with the Revelation.


I am providing you with a supernatural indication of my grief and the destruction that is coming. What you are smelling is the impending smoke of destruction from the Seal Judgements as mentioned in Revelation 8:4-5. My Children need to understand that The Great I AM is not bound by time. I work outside of the Time-Space Continuum with which you are accustomed. (2 Peter 3:8)

My heart grieves for what has happened to man and to woman, with the increasing depravity of this sin-filled world. Though I made YOU in My Image…your world is now teetering on an uneven balance scale. The timetable for The End of The Age nears. DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARES. Now is the time to stop the descent into further spiritual corruption for what you lack – by renewing YOUR MIND in MY WORD.

Rather than taking the time to Seek ME (The Lord Jesus) and The Holy Spirit (by listening for and heeding my still, small voice) in the quiet and stillness – most of mankind still seeks their next “thrill”…through Worldy pursuits; be it sports, movies/music, food, cars, drugs/alcohol and other lusts of the flesh.

Though I have continued to beckon, the people have chosen to continue in their ways as the prodigal son of Luke 15. I admonish you to begin seeking The Truth of The Logos as the Judgements are unsealed….

The smoke each of you is smelling serves as a DOUBLE WARNING:

First, it is a warning of MY promised destruction against those Nations, Tribes and Tongues that do not adhere to the Commandments of Exodus 20 and

SECOND – that those who are following MY Path (the narrow road) WILL themselves, lose their life to save it.

If you reject me, – the smoke you are smelling will be the fires of hell that consume those who (sadly) turn away. If you DO ACCEPT me, the Smoke you are smelling is the Fire of Testing and Tribulation you MUST face in order to be counted worthy …

I AM THE Living God. But you have an adversary who desires to cause your defeat.

If you are living and breathing right now, there is no gray area. You HAVE to decide between Living in Paradise or Hell. You ultimately make the decision about your eternal destiny.

What does that mean?

People do not believe that I Am who I say I Am. Who Do you say I AM?


People do not believe my Word is Truth. Do you believe what my Scriptures say?

(Note: The following video, which is 12 minutes long, is viewable via computer. It may not be viewable on a phone.  I encourage you to watch through the 1st 10 minutes.)


Scriptures within The Word of God specifically indicate that as the hours move forward things will begin to happen in the earth (in divers places). (Matthew 24:7)

It is for this reason that I have told you that in order to endure what is ahead EACH of YOU must pick up your cross. You do this IN ORDER to be SAVED from your hour of tribulation. (Matthew 16:24-27) I will be even more specific. There has been a “teaching” in the “church world” about something called a Pre-tribulation rapture. If you truly study MY WORD – including the Old Testament – you will find many flaws in this theory. The teaching of a Pre-Trib rapture is one of the aspects of living IN THIS World that will lead up to: “The great falling away…” (2 Thessalonians 2). I plead with you to pick up your Bible and get acquainted with The God of Creation- The God who CREATED YOU!

So, consider this your “Wake Up” Call.

Time is not endless. And each of you living – here and now has a purpose.

If you are SMELLING SMOKE. I am calling you! The Smoke you are SMELLING is indicative of The PRESENCE of The HOLY SPIRIT – The Ruach HaKadosh calling to you in the Spirit to REPENT and BE SAVED.

I am telling you that if you are WILLING– ACCEPT ME as YOUR Savior and I WILL walk you through your HOUR of personal TESTING – TRIALS – TRIBULATION (related to the Seals of Revelation 6-11.)

I tell you this because I have a plan and purpose. My plans may seem to be delayed, but they are not. (Matthew 25)

Return to My Word and understand that just as Ecclesiastes declares that to every season there is a purpose; a SHAKING is forthcoming. The “Smoke”that you are smelling/sensing is my way of showing you IN THE SPIRIT just HOW real what’s to come really WILL BE. And the fact that you are SMELLING smoke should confirm to YOU – that YOU MUST get your Spiritual House in order!


EVERYTHING that happens on EARTH must first manifest in The SPIRIT (which is the “invisible” or beyond “the veil”)

Do not question who – I AM – is.

Do not think I do not see what is happening. I created the Earth and everything in it.

Be wise — WAKE UP — Repent.

Seek Me: NOW. Before it is TOO LATE.

Above all, remember this. You have a choice between HEAVEN & HELL.

How do you know if you will make it to HEAVEN?

HAVE YOU accepted ME?

Have YOU Repented?


The SMOKE you are SMELLING is your



YOUR Eternity hangs in the balance. YOU make the ultimate decision.

Hell is real. Many of you are “of this world” and have chosen to postpone really thinking about what’s “beyond the veil” of THIS LIFE.

Whether you want to believe Hell exists or not, is up to you. But I do not want you to end up there. Hell is just as REAL as Heaven.

Choose carefully.

NOT choosing – is making a decision.

PUTTING off the decision to ACCEPT me IS also actually making a choice; because your days are numbered.

Seek ME = Heaven

Turn your back/Reject Me = Hell

I gave you the privilege of FREE WILL. Chose carefully, chose wisely. I want to share Eternity in Heaven with you.


The theme of this blog is to provide Encouragement & Inspiration for Everyday. I have shared this post because NOW is the time for each of us to take responsibility for our eternal destination.

The Lord has pressed upon me the URGENCY to get this out. This message falls under both categories of Encouragement & Inspiration because whether the “End of Days” happens next week, or decades from now The Lord has told us in His Word that it WILL happen. Study to Shew yourself approved! (2 Timothy 2:15)

BE Encouraged that God has not sent his judgement – yet. But BE INSPIRED to make use of the TIME that is LEFT to turn toward him and ACCEPT his GIFT of GRACE.

Eternity is a very long time. It is not a place you want to spend ANYWHERE but in Heaven. Think carefully about this…

If even one person gives God a chance from this blog, I will have accomplished His purpose.

If you have not been SAVED or have never ACCEPTED Jesus as your Savior: START with this PRAYER:

Heavenly Father:

I pray for your mercy on my soul.

I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. That he died on the cross and shed his blood for my sins. I believe Jesus rose from the grave by the power of the Holy Spirit and He sits at the right hand of God

Jesus, I ask that you come into my heart and wash all my sins away. I ask you to send the Holy Spirit to live in me and guide me. I will follow you the rest of my life.

Your Word says that ALL

who seek you will find you.

Help me, Lord. Save me, Change me, make me NEW.

I ask this in the name of my Lord and my Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Be sure to get to know God, a little everyday. Give him just 10 minutes of your time – and read the bible when you wake up. Make this your daily “first fruits.”

The following video is the Testimony of Bill Wiese: It runs about an hour. It is about his visit to hell.

23 Minutes in Hell

Closing Note of Encouragement:

(The second most important blog post may also be (so far) the least read thus far. It is in regards to the soon coming Holy Spirit Outpouring. It will give each of you extra encouragement after having read Smelling Smoke.)

– May The Savior Bless All who visit this page and all associated posts.

Above all things: Clothe yourself with God’s Armor – Eph 6:10-18 – and learn about the Power of Jesus Blood.

May all of God’s Blessings and His protection be yours.

I look forward to Meeting each of you on the other side of the Veil!

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4 Replies to “Prophetic Message: I Would Like To Know If Any Of You Are Smelling Smoke (Anonymous)”

  1. Wow! This is the word of God.
    My sister also had a dream about the Pre tribulation rapture, and how many Christians will lose eternity because of this false teaching.
    The pre tribulation rapture is one of the most dangerous doctrines in the world today.
    The remnants will pass through tribulation Rev 7:14
    Also, the teaching of the ten commandments of God has been abolished. Christ didn’t come to abolish the law bit to fulfill the law. Matt 5:17-20. Jesus Christ told his disciples ” if you love me keep my commandments “. John 14:15. I John 3-4.
    Test the spirit isah 8:20, I John 4:1

    1. Are you saying we don’t have to live by the Ten Commandments? I am confused how you wrote that. Fulfill means to “establish” so He came to establish the law. Blessings.

  2. No, another wrong doctrine in the church today is that “christ has abolished the law and we don’t have to keep it”.
    Of course we have to keep his Commandments, Christ says, ” if you love me keep my commandments ”
    The remnants are those who keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus Rev 12:17. Rev 14:12

    1. OKAY and I totally agree with you. Yes we are called to KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS and they were NOT abolished. 🙂 Sorry I had misunderstood what you wrote earlier.


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