Prophetic Dream: “They Are Going To Release The Robots To EXTERMINATE Mankind” (Christopher Harris)

Prophetic Dream: “They Are Going To Release The Robots To EXTERMINATE Mankind” (Christopher Harris)

“They are going to release the robots to exterminate mankind.”

On the 27th November 2018, I had a dream which I have summarized below and included my interpretation. I also shared more details about this dream in the 14-minute video shown at the bottom of this post, which was published on my YouTube channel.

In the dream, I was outdoors with a group of people. There were a few buildings around, so we were partially indoors and partially outdoors. I was trying to warn these people, some of whom were Christians and others who weren’t.

I told them, “Soon, they will release robots to exterminate mankind! Or much of mankind”.

Someone asked, “How do you know this?”

I replied, “I saw it.”

Then someone asked, “Who told you?”

I answered, “The Lord told me. He showed me in a dream”.

They asked, “Who else is saying this?”

I replied, “As far as I know, nobody. Well, I don’t know of other people, but it’s true.”

Then I pointed at a group of people down and away from us. They were wearing business suits and seemed to be in higher up positions of prominence in the world. They had heard what I said, so they started walking away and talking with each other in hushed voices, gathering in close and looking back at me. I said to the group of people around me, “Many of them are already robots.”

Then I pointed to those who were walking away and said, “Some of them may be robots. They have transferred their minds into them.”

As I was talking, I saw in the distance two large men coming out of a building. They were larger than normal humans. Then one of them threw a cricket ball at me, which is a very hard ball, but it missed. My good friend (who I know but doesn’t know the Lord) was there and he was loudly interrupting me when I was trying to speak about the robots. The enemy also was trying to bind my voice as I was only able to speak softly and even that required great effort. My friend interrupted me on purpose and was loudly conversing with someone else and ignoring me and my warning.

Then I saw this huge metal wheel rolling in the distance coming directly towards him, and it was going to hit him. I grabbed him and pulled him out of the way, and I yelled, “You could have been killed!”

He said to me scornfully, “Mind your own business! Can’t you see I was in a conversation?”

I replied, “Don’t be stupid!” Then I slapped him on the back of the neck and pushed him away. This is a friend I love dearly.

Then a microphone was given to me by someone in the group around me. On the wall, a projector screen came down and someone put up a picture of a man, like an x-ray or cut away of his skin, revealing beneath his skin was a metal body, like a terminator robot (from the movie series). You could see from the head down to the upper torso was completely human looking, but below was a cut-away to beneath the skin and underneath was a full robotic body.

I had the microphone and when I began speaking, my voice was loud and amplified. I told the people around me, “They are going to release the robots to exterminate mankind and wipe out the population. They are like terminators. Guns, knives, swords, bombs will not work on them, but there is one thing that will work… The Lord!”

I sung the words, “The Lord”. Then on screen someone appeared dressed as Jesus, like a movie clip, and he was singing the words I was singing at the same time. It was serious and not taken as a joke, and as I was singing many people were coming over gathering around to watch and listen. So when I sung “The Lord”, I continued to sing,

“It’s the power of the Lord! The power of the King! It’s the power of His love! It’s the power of His Word! It’s the power of His blood, that He gave upon the cross! He gave His life for us! To be joined in His love! Accept the Holy Spirit! And be one in His mighty love!”

I sung it like this and it was enhanced in the Spirit and amplified as I was doing my best to sing. I woke up feeling the love and power of the Lord as I gave this severe warning.


This is not something to be fearful of. We should not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, but shed light on them. They already have these robots around. Not only are there demons walking around in the flesh disguised as men and women, as the Lord has shown me, but there are robots walking around in the flesh disguised as men and women as well. I have been shown in a previous dream that I shared on the 13th of September 2018 on my channel that a number of celebrities are robots already, confirming this dream I received.

In this dream, the Lord revealed the schemes of the enemy. Those who worship Satan have prepared a large number of robots to destroy mankind. I believe the fallen angels/demons have helped by giving this technology to their human servants, to be used against people.

In the dream, I warned how normal means of defense and weapons will not work against this enemy, guns, swords, knives, bombs, but the power of the Lord our God Jesus Christ will! Jesus’ power is beyond all principality and power and all that of the enemy; He is above all! (Philippians 2:10-11) We need to remember this and oppose evil in the name of Jesus Christ by calling upon the name of Jesus for our deliverance. Only the Lord can protect us from these things, and only by the Lord can we fight against them. Normal means of fighting and weapons will not work. The Lord also showed me normal means of fighting will not work when fighting against demons. Only Jesus can deliver us and only in Jesus can we fight back; He is the only way, and this is what I sung in my song before the people.

My close friend who did not heed my warning and acted scornfully shows that many will not be prepared to accept this, but there are certain truths in this world that are difficult to accept. Just remember that the Lord is our shelter and protection. We must seek Him in defense and offense.

The Lord wanted me to share a Psalm for us to read when war begins, and this is Psalm 27, and I made a short video about it. Please seek and abide in Jesus Christ always, and do not fear what is coming but call upon the Lord our Rock. God bless you.

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