Song & Remember You Are NOT Alone In These Prophetic Times & You Are Loved By The King!

Song & Remember You Are NOT Alone In These Prophetic Times & You Are Loved By The King!

This is the time of year when many think about suicide or fall into a deep depression because of the feelings of hopelessness, lonliness, hurt, pain, sickness, disease or they lost someone so close to them that they feel they can’t go on!! Many are also experiencing many financial losses too. PLEASE don’t let thoughts enter into your head that there is nobody that loves you because Yahushua (Jesus) has always loved you. Satan loves this time of year to tell you “what’s the point”, “I have nobody”, “I can’t go on”, “you’re never going to make it” so you need to muzzle the voice of this stranger and command him to go. You have much worth.  You are more valuable than you know, You are loved and there is always someone your life will touch even though you can’t see that yet. You were not a mistake! Do not let depression in. Suicide IS NOT the answer. Do not let the enemy take you down with him. Resist Him and He will flee. The answer and love you seek is in Yahushua (Jesus)!

For all who are alone or feeling as if nobody cares or loves them,  remember you are not alone. I am alone without family or friends here and have been separated by distance for years. We get along so it’s not that and it’s part of this journey I must walk. You are NOT as alone as you think you are and Yahushua (Jesus) is only a whisper away! Cry out to Him. He will come but you must let Him in.

If you feel you are too far gone or there is no hope, then you haven’t met the One who is your Savior, Yahushua (Jesus) who will become your best friend if you let Him in. He didn’t come down, live, die and rise again for nothing. It was because of the deepest love you can imagine and to bring you home to Him.

Don’t be afraid to call out to Him! Come to the HEALER of your broken heart!! It is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to be saved for we just never know when our time on earth is done. We need to think about these things and it’s not doom and gloom but reality that we don’t know when He will call us home. It is why warnings go out all the time on the importance of repentance For His desire is that none perish!

I was thinking about this and wanted to just remind you to NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t throw in the towel. Keep pressing forward! Give Him a chance and ask Him in. Please don’t let satan take your soul down with him.

Our Father in heaven has loved us from the very beginning and He loves us now too! People may come and go but He won’t let us go! Give Him your heart and let the Healer set you free! Holding onto pain, hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred only hurts us. Ever notice how the person who did this to you could care less and they go on with their life so why are you holding onto it then? Reality is a bitter pill to swallow at times but it is what it is. Life is not fair, life is not good at times, life is fraught with trials, tests, temptations and we must overcome these things!! How to overcome the easier way is to repent, return, cry out and ask forgiveness and He will cleanse, strengthen, comfort, provide and protect! Become a child of the light!!

NEVER ALONE; OTHERS SHARE IN PAIN ….FATHER SHARES IN OUR LOSS AND OUR PAIN/HURT TOO. I put these on here to re-assure you that you are not in the fight called life alone. 🙂 I love you all and thank you for being my friends on here. So cheer up, we are all in this fight together!! WE are all Elohim’s children!!

Pour your heart out and He will pour his heart out over you!! Love’s definition was Yahushua (Jesus) on that tree in Calvary. Please, please remember this is not the end; there is a beautiful Kingdom coming down to earth and what we lost will be restored unto us if we are saved. This life is just a drive by; we are passing through but then we will reign with our King, Our Savior for 1,000 yrs. and then forevermore. So do not look at this at the end of all ends because it is not! Much is in store for those who return; beautiful things. Yah doesn’t lie; believe it!! His promises are true!! Come back to the family you belonged to before you were sent down here!! HE invites all to come back; to be a part of His Family!!!

Please let us pray and love each other instead of fighting over this or that! It gets us nowhere fast! It produces no good fruit whatsoever! There are so many going through the hardest times ever now!

Robert Lawrence 

I lost my 13 year old grandson in a dirt bike accident on August 18th 2013. Then we lost his 24 year old brother, my eldest grandson in an auto accident October 26th of this year, a week ago yesterday. He had given his heart to God just two days prior to his wreck. If you get there before do I do, tell them I love them both and I will see you all there and we will sing Gods praises together!

This makes me want to go and hug my kids. It make me feel like I take it all for granted too often.
This is gonna be the last Christmas I spend with my precious 4 year old niece, Crimson. She’ll be returning to heaven soon due to cancer, a tumour in her brain that is not curable. I don’t know how to stay strong, it hurts so bad. I find myself angry at God for wanting to take her so soon. But at the same time i pray he takes care of her and takes away her pain. This year is going to be so hard, for it’s the year I have to say goodbye to my sweet angel. Please pray for her, she needs all the support she can get. And so does her family. Thank you and God bless.
October 7, 2018! Lost my 22yr young only son. He proudly served in our United States Air Force, cane home safely, only to be killed in just 3 short months in a car wreck. I am devastated and just like no one could help Jesus carry his cross, this burden is mine alone to bear. There is no loss like the loss of a child. Only we and God know what it’s like to lose our child. It is devastating. I have a daughter, I know for her I must go on but at this moment I cannot find the will. I want to cancel Christmas. I don’t understand how everyone carries on still less than two months later so nonchalantly. I do not know how to stand this pain… in the waking hours.
My 23 yr. old daughter died this past July… and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think abt her. Our entire family misses her soooo much. It just won’t be the same without our youngest daughter, Leslie.
I lost my dad at the beginning of this year & to add more salt to my wound I went through the hardest break up. I just wanted to die. I suffered from depression & anxiety disorder & i’m slowly learning to find my way back again. Thank you so much for this wonderful music.
….I lost the Love of my life last year after nearly 40 years. It’s been a hard road. My heart is still broken. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sob. Our love was such a connection to eachother. I know now our love will never end. I just miss that love………….This song expresses how we were at Christmas. We were like kids. We met in 1977 on New Year’s Eve. I was 31, they were 25. I’m now 73. I don’t know how to act, or be, or live without them. I feel so empty. I know GOD is taking care of them and that gives me some peace. I guess that’s the most important thing.


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