Prophetic Message: The Lord Wants His Bride To Call Down His Righteous Judgments NOW

Prophetic Message: The Lord Wants His Bride To Call Down His Righteous Judgments NOW

I think people are misunderstanding calling down judgments ..these are REDEMPTIVE judgments so people will be saved and if go to A Servant’s Heart video on 12/21/2018 listen and you will understand this more. NO  we don’t call down judgments that we get totally destroyed. REDEMPTIVE JUDGMENTS WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS and bring people back to God. We believe in FAITH that God will save us, our children, our families. We walk in complete Faith that God keeps His promises to us.

Published on Dec 19, 2018

Calling all brides to join in declaring and rejoicing in God’s righteous judgment. Here are the different ways you can participate:

1. Commit to calling down God’s fire in prayer for a specific amount of time each day (possibly until Christmas or until the Lord says He is satisfied)

2. Sign e-document provided by Redeemed44.…

Redeemed44 Channel:

My heart has been so heavy the last 2 days. I haven’t been able to sleep. Today I couldn’t eat. All I feel is God’s sorrow. Judgment is coming soon and this is our last chance to repent of ANYTHING in our hearts displeases God. We need to search our hearts, NOW is the time to confess the hidden sins within us that no one knows about, the ones only God knows. Now is the time to fill our lamps with oil and trim our wicks. God has had me focus after these last two days, no longer on calling judgement down. He has heard and He will answer. Judgment is coming. It’s already on its way. God showed me through 2 days of tears that it’s coming. Hard and fast. God change my focus tonight to warning those who haven’t come out of Babylon yet. To telling them this is their very last chance to come out. To repent. To escape. Because it is coming. It is already at the door.
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