Prophetic Word & Sermon: Thin Ice! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word & Sermon: Thin Ice! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Thin Ice! 12-16-18

“Thin Ice!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America you have fallen into a trap! The bait of satan has been laid and you have partaken of his poison! What will you do when your house of cards falls all around you? Who will you call to rescue you from your desperate hour of need? Your friends will flee from your distress and your enemies will flock to you, because you have rejected My plans for you! Where are you America? Where is the Grace that once surrounded your nakedness? It is gone because you have forsaken TRUTH! You are a nation of liars and thieves, wanting more but satisfying less! You are broken but you can’t see it, your naked but you can’t feel it. Comfortably numb in your paralyzed state of denial! What shall I do to a nation that has fallen away from Me? Remember Lot’ wife!” (Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube Please prayerfully consider supporting our World-Wide Ministry! You can give at or by check or money order: Ignited Church PO Box 303 Lavonia, Ga 30553 THANK YOU! JESUS IS LORD OVER IGNITED CHURCH LAVONIA, GA!!!

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2 Replies to “Prophetic Word & Sermon: Thin Ice! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)”

  1. Does anyone agree with the fact that he only condemns and never gives any hope or encouragement to those who do believe? He yells and points fingers but is this the only side of our dear Yahushua? Yes He is the just Judge, but He is also full of mercy. Just saying.

    1. Does every message have to have encouraging words to it? Is that what you mean? Just asking! I am trying to see what you are getting at.

      God gives different callings to diff people. Some are to write encouraging words at times, others get hardcore truth and that also needs to be said and all I can say, it is how God wants it, not how we desire to put the messages out. He calls us and we didn’t choose Him nor do we get to choose what we can post when getting a prophetic Word.

      Some messages are just plain hardcore warnings and if it is what God wanted Him to write, then out of obedience he wrote it and put it out. It is what we do. How is warning America condemnation? I would call that “very loving” that God cares enough to share that so we know what is coming upon this nation for turning our backs to God. As far as His sermons go many times the Holy Spirit starts to speak through him and I personally have not yet listened to this sermon.

      Yes God has mercy but He is telling us to pray for mercy now FOR JUDGMENTS are about to get more severe.

      I hope this clarifies it for you a bit.


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