Demons Speak In Tongues Next To You In Church Counterfeiting Spiritual Gifts | Russ Dizdar

Demons Speak In Tongues Next To You In Church Counterfeiting Spiritual Gifts | Russ Dizdar


Freemasons covering the church’s in my very small town! You won’t see me in a church I read my Bible and pray and walk in spirit thank you God
I recently went to a service meeting where they had the Bible that oil flows from. Wonderful message and wonderful blessing,but there was this one woman who was with the church who was asked to pray for people. I know without a doubt that she had a demon spirit in her. She was acting very weird. She was climbing over chairs and talking in tongues in a high pitch voice. Very very weird and as a Christian I knew that it was not of God. Why they did not stop her I don’t know. She was still laying hands on people and continued to pray and talk in her own way when we left a good while later. I just prayed for her.
Personally I have visited a Pentecostal Church once in my life And only reason I even did was simply because I was bugged and bugged from a sister in law to do so And I must say in all honesty
I have never seen such a disorderly church in my entire life
Was utter chaos
Ppl were speaking in tongues like all at once
No interpretor what so ever But how could there be with so much disorder
Ppl were falling out onto the floors
And when I tell you when I was introduced to the preacher As he shook my hand and I’m looking right at him His eyes were as black as Coal , no whites to his eyes not even a little bit None, Zero !
And in my own spirit I knew that he knew exactly what I was feeling , and he knew I knew, that I know exactly what he was of , and it certainly wasn’t of the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob This was about 25 years ago And I will never ever step foot in a Pentecostal Church Nor any other church of any denomination
When doing my research and finding out that the VATICAN ORGANIZATION rules over every single Church in the United States and Abroad With the exception of a handful I’ve never nor will I step into another supposed church To many JESUIT PREACHERS PREACHING LIES AND DECEIT Leading the ppl to the slaughter !
I was a member of a small church about 15 years ago. We were on fire for God. The preacher had his own agenda. He wasn’t a true servant of the Lord. While attending, I kept praying for wisdom & discernment of hood &’evil. I didn’t know why I was praying this way so strongly but I felt led to. Well, this preacher was splitting up married couples, & tried to do it yo the couples who were left. The rest were divorced women with children! Me & my little family saw the blasphemy he was preaching & we left! He did a lot of damage before my brother & his family got out. The last I heard, he & his harem had a little group, 3 hours south of us. Praise God, we got out of this cult! We attend a holiness church that preaches the truth!
My young daughter wanted to attend a local church group with her friend. Her behaviour changed for the worse, she began having nightmares, and ‘zoned out’ frequently. When she confirmed for me that some people spoke ‘in tongues’ I stopped her going and prayed for her release. I got my daughter back and she never went back to that ‘church’ Beware people
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2 Replies to “Demons Speak In Tongues Next To You In Church Counterfeiting Spiritual Gifts | Russ Dizdar”

  1. I was listening to this and caught Russ saying that Ananias and Saphirra infiltrated the church. In other words, they were not believers. Why would fear come upon the church if people filled with satan died?

    1. No idea since why couldn’t they have infiltrated the church and not been believers? Couldn’t fear come upon the church because the people were deceived and believed they were
      truly believers? Many in churches today are like this; they say they are believers and yet are not but people in their churches believe they are. Why couldn’t that have been the case in that day and age? Just sayin’
      They lied, they died and fear could easily fill up a church just watching anyone die like that in front of them. If you saw Apostles going up to people in a church today and the Holy Spirit speaks through them and the person or people dropped dead, wouldn’t that alarm you whether they were believers or not? It sure would cause me to check myself 🙂

      Or maybe Russ Dizdar simply said it wrong. I do not know. He seems to know quite a bit.

      Ask the Holy Spirit for clarification on this matter Matthew


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