NEWS: 3 Whistleblowers Show Clintons Misused Funds, Mysterious Green Light In Australia & More

NEWS: 3 Whistleblowers Show Clintons Misused Funds, Mysterious Green Light In Australia & More

THREE whistleblowers hand over hundreds of documents ‘showing the Clinton Foundation misused funds and made quid-pro-quo promises to donors about access to Hillary’ 

How many Leftists are willing to bleed and die in order to take guns away from Americans who cherish the Constitution?

It’s Not a Matter of IF EMP Weapons Will Be Used Against the US, but When and What Type

Dow closes down ANOTHER 558 points – losing 4.5 per cent for the week as trade worries flare and tech stocks plummet

The very same climate change lunatics who told us we would all be dead by now are demanding we surrender to authoritarianism to save the world

Mysterious green light appears in sky during thunderstorm in Australia, baffling scientists SQ;THE ELECTRO-GRA VITIC PROPULSION SYSTEMS ON SECRET SPACECRAFT,WHICH CAN ‘HOVER’,HAS IT’S BOTTOM EDGE CREATING PLASMA DISCHARGE

South Carolina to introduce ban on aborting babies with beating hearts

Why the Press Pays Less Attention to the Murder of Journalists Not Named Khashoggi

Liberals at “Christian” college attack black pro-life speakers, claiming the truth about black genocide makes them “feel unsafe”

Gay TV producer announces he’s spending millions to defeat ‘anti-LGBT’ members of Congress

Emails indicate Comey’s FBI knew “Steele dossier” was bogus before using it to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Team Trump

New study shows that the current concentrations of PCBs in the oceans are threatening the world’s population of killer whales

Now intolerant Leftists claim “Little Mermaid” song promotes “toxic masculinity” and demands it stop being performed… is anything safe from liberal lunacy?

Pictured: Marine fighter pilot who died in collision with refueling aircraft off the coast of Japan is identified as five others remain missing

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