Good Video: Mass Migration & Trump’s Great Wall To Keep Us In? (Shaking My Head Productions)

Good Video: Mass Migration & Trump’s Great Wall To Keep Us In? (Shaking My Head Productions)

Published on Dec 4, 2018

This channel is not anti-Trump, it’s anti-deception. Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Problem: Too many unknown people coming into America. Many could be criminals? Many are taking U.S. jobs? (Thanks Obama!)

Public Reaction: Trump, make America more secure. Build the wall.

Solution: Biometric tracking, border walls, RFID’s and 5G for 24/7/365 surveillance. 1984 is here. (Thanks Trump!)

Is the wall to keep people out or to keep us in?


God put Trump in office to fulfill his end times prophecies. To finish the job of ushering in their New World Order Beast System and the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast. To bring about God’s judgement on first America and than the world. America is modern day Soddom and Ghommora. America is the arm of the Vatican. The 2nd Beast in Revelation. America is Mystery Babylon. She will be destroyed in 1 hour. By the King of the North/Russia. During the Great Tribulation. We are drawing nearer toward this time as each day passes. There’s a reason Russia, Turkey, and China have joined in an end times alliance. For the very first time in history. There’s a reason they’ve readied their military for a strike on America. America’s time left is very short. God is pouring out his judgement on America for her embracement of the wickedness which has taken her hostage. The economic collapse and martial law on a nationwide scale is right around the corner for America. Trump will be given the order to direct the United Nations military to enforce it on us the people of America. The U.N. is already here underground. That’s why all that U.N. military equipment is already here in America. Trump said himself he’s ushering in their biometric I.D. aka the RFID microchip. America is a corporation. Not a country. God bless u all!
Thank you for being one of the few channels out there who can see through the Trump lies! It doesnt matter who gets into power they all serve the NWO elites if they didnt they wouldnt get elected. Not since Kennedy anyways… They made a mistake with him but they cleaned that up and ever since both sides have been controlled by the occult. It frustrates me to no end that people refuse to see through the right/left paradigm… They are slaves looking for a human savior and they think Trump is sent by God! Lol it’s maddening! Fools!



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