Ms Sophie’s area got hit pretty bad with a storm and electricity is out. They are not sure when it will be back on.

The electricity is still off and wont be on til monday evening.


Well I am now back and sorry I was gone so long. Rain came down hard and around 1:30 am or so on Saturday the 24th,2018 and we couldn’t get an answer from the energy company as to when lights would come back on. Finally, yesterday evening they said it would be not until Monday around 5pm. Thankfully, they came on today earlier than expected. This is highly unusual since we have had worse storms than this and when lights went out they would be out only 2 to 6 hours at the most. Also they would tell us right away they were working on it and you would get an answer. This time they were silent until over 24 hours later.

Honestly, I think they kept them off here as a test so to speak. It was very strange to say the least. We are definitely living in Prophetic times and stranger than strange things are happening everywhere.

First day we ate out until we could find where all our stuff was in the garage lol.

One thing we got to see here was how prepared we really were. It was a good “test” to see if we could be “self-sufficient” in times like this. Happily, I can say we passed that test. We had a generator so that kept the refrigerator and freezer going, had a stovetop propane travel stove (small ones you can take with you) and could make eggs, had a kerosene heater and fuel for it, had kerosene lamps and oil for those, had lots of flashlights, had candles and longer matches.

I even got to jump in a quick shower because the hot water heater still had some in there but you had to take a 2 to 3 min shower at best. Better than not showering though.

I was praying and talking to God and said “oh my Father, they are never going to make it if they don’t even have a few basic things because they refused to listen and prepare”. It is going to be rough on people.

I understand some have little money and barely get by (this was also me) but I was preparing for several years and bought little by little and bid on things on ebay etc to get them cheaper back then. So it can be done if one has been doing little by little all along!!! If not, you won’t be able to afford everything you need at once.

So good lesson to learn and good test to see how well we fared! I missed you all and happy to be back online. It was getting to me that I could not see what was happening around the world now because I like to be aware of these things.

Ms. Sophie



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