What Our Forefathers Did To The Indians Was Genocide-America Will Reap What They Have Sown For This

What Our Forefathers Did To The Indians Was Genocide-America Will Reap What They Have Sown For This

Bet you NEVER heard this in HISTORY CLASS did you? They portrayed Christopher Columbus as some great man and he slaughtered 8 million Indians. Is there anything that they ever told us in school that was based on any truth?

Thankfully it was either prayers that God heard that stopped anything from happening at the Dallas Game or it was not yet time for the kick off event. Either way, I am happy nothing did happen but felt I should warn just in case. Better to be forewarned then sorry later.

Many below in comments agree what was done was terrible and yes God has not forgotten what was done to them. How very sad! To this day, they keep them in extreme poverty also and it was their land.

Hard to be proud of being American once you know what our forefathers have done.
The American government has allways killed their own people, and still did in 9-11, and now they want a war with Russia!! They are crazie, not the common American man , like you and me just the government and the illuminati!!!
The public school I went to in the 60’s lied about what really happened with the American Indian people. The Black Hills belongs to the Lakota and the (pre Custer) original treaty should be restored. It’s their land! No amount of money offered by the Supreme court could ever make up for what was done. What an insult to injury. Our federal government needs to return the land and apologize. Then go about legislatively correcting all the wrongs made by the US GOVERNMENT against a the American Indians. What was done is an unforgivable shame and a blood soaked stain on America’s history that will haunt it forever.
If Trump really wants to make America great again, give the natives back their land plus a big compensation package to start!
It is interesting and disturbing to note how many times “God” or “Christianity” is invoked to justify the theft of Native American lands and the genocide of Native American people.
This reduced me to tears and made me ashamed to be be a so called Christian. Christ would NEVER have condoned this.
Such proud people, so much cruelty,so ashamed of our white ancestors this is heart breaking,
I just want to know, WHY are descendants of great warriors and chiefs still living on lousy reservations when this. is THEIR land!
Natives lived in America for at least 10,000 years. Studying, learning and respecting the natural environment. Learning the way of balance. In 300 years the American way has put the natural balance in jeopardy – an emergency spiral that is killing the flora, fauna, and even the very people who created it. One day the pendulum will swing away from chaos back to balance. The natives have much to teach along the way.
I cant believe how badly the native Americans were treated.The us goverment were no beter than the nazis in Germany in the 1940 s.Shamefull
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  1. James 4:12 “There is only one lawgiver and judge. The one who is able to save and destroy. “

    God blessed Israel because of Abraham’s righteousness and faith and He also destroyed Israel when they rebelled against God and their cup is full of their sins. God even allowed the Holocaust but also allowed them to be restored as a nation.

    God waited to give the promised land to Israel until the Caananites cup were full too and everyone living there was killed by the Israelites and we could’ve judged them too at that time that the Israelites were too brutal just as the American forefathers did to the Indians.

    God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours and we can’t fathom everything that happened or what will happen in the future.

    One thing we are sure is that if we abide in Him we are guaranteed Salvation.


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