He Has Had Many Prophetic Dreams: Marty Breeden Needs Help & Our Prayers

He Has Had Many Prophetic Dreams: Marty Breeden Needs Help & Our Prayers


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Dear Friends,
I sure could use your prayers.
As most of you know, I had to medically opt out and resign from Law Enforcement after a wonderful career of many years of serving.

I’m dealing with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my lower spine and I found out today that I have several ruptured discs in my back with a narrowing canal, and the disc are pushing into the nerves directly in my spine.
(Other than that I’m 100%!🤣🤣)
I need prayer because these conditions are degenerative and sadly this is EXTREMELY painful!
3 years ago when I Coded, and started my recovery, the Drs. advised me to apply for disability, they said my law enforcement career was over…and they said they would do the paperwork.

I DECLINED because I wanted to work my way back.
With Gods help, I did and was able to serve as a Police Officer for 3 more years.
Now however, things have caught up to me and I’ve had to apply, but I guess like most, even that was denied the first time.
So, I’m really needing wisdom on what to do.
This is no “sad tale of woe”, but suffice it to say, things are tough and tight.

So please pray for healing, for favor, and that our needs will be met.
This is a very humbling post…..but for me now is no time for any pride.
Love you all and thanks in advance!!

PLEASE make a donation to a Go Fund Me Page that has been set up for Marty.

Thank you and God Bless You all for helping and praying!

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2 Replies to “He Has Had Many Prophetic Dreams: Marty Breeden Needs Help & Our Prayers”

  1. Remembering that if we all donate even a small amount, collectively The Lord will multiply in His gracious way… let’s help The Lord heal and raise up this warrior thru a giving heart and our prayers

  2. Prayers for 100% healing and that miracles happen for his income; including someone who
    can stand up for him right now, so he gets the funding available to him.


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