Powerful Testimony Of An Ex-Lesbian Tiara Moore

Powerful Testimony Of An Ex-Lesbian Tiara Moore

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Proof no one is born into this: It is NOT IN THE DNA. You can be delivered!


I just told a group of people this how it’s a spirit sista you are helping millions of people Lord help my love ones bring them out in the name of Jesus!!
God is wonderful! He delivered me from homosexuality. Now I’m married to a wonderful man and I’m expecting my first child. God moves quickly when we let go and let God!!!! Keep testifying…so many people need to hear this!!! ❤
My daughter has the same testimony! ! I tell you when God do it, he do it well. Now I am a proud grandmother😁
Please listen to me people get out of Lesbian relationships. I was tricked into a Lesbian relationship and this woman carried so many evil spirits. When she got me vulnerable and friendless and family less that is when she tried to end me. She came across as a nice sweet person and also as if she just wanted to be my friend. So I thought hey why not try it. I was warned to repent in a dream that is when I turned from that life. The enemy was mad when I left. She would threaten me on the phone and also I would have demons molest me in my sleep. But I stayed prayed up and God has been shielding me every since
Amen sister! Deliverance is real!! If you WANT to be delivered you can be thru the power of the blood of Jesus!!! I was raised in church and still go faithfully to this day however I had a problem with lust, masturbation, and later on pornography. The worst sinner is the one in the church smh. I wanted to be set free and I can say today that by the power of the blood l AM FREE!!!! I went to a church a while back and this particular ministry specializes in deliverance and boy I tell ya, they don’t mess around. The pastor is serious about seeing ppl delivered and set free by the blood of Jesus. I went one day and left out that same day after service was over completely delivered!! My joy was back, my peace was back and I knew that WITHOUT A DOUBT I had been set free. The desire to watch porn on a regular basis was gone!!! Lusting in my mind after another man was gone!!! Touching myself was gone!!! Thank you Jesus for your power that broke the chains!!!!! He’s worthy!! I asked God where did this come from bc I didn’t ask for this, I don’t want to be this way. He took my mind back to when I was a little girl around 8 or 9 yrs old and I got a hold of a pornographic magazine sitting on top of a garbage can at this house down the street. Me and some of the other neighborhood kids were looking at it and then it dawned on me that’s where the door was opened. I had sexually perverted thoughts at a young age which led to masturbation and porn later on. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve struggled with GOD IS A DELIVERER!!! Call on the name of Jesus and be serious because he sees your heart. Cry out to him and he will deliver you. I’m a living witness!!! When he should have cut me off, he had mercy on me and delivered me and He can do the same for you! Praise His Holy, Precious, Mighty, Righteous and Wonderful Name! I love you all.
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