Compilation Of Endtime Dreams/Visions I Have Put Together For Anyone Who Is Interested

Compilation Of Endtime Dreams/Visions I Have Put Together For Anyone Who Is Interested


In the third watch of the night (after midnight) on Thursday 10th of May, I had a very upsetting dream. In it, I could hear a man with an Israeli accent singing a lament over and over. I do not remember all the words he sang now but I could see him out of the corner of my eye, at the edge of my field of vision, rocking backward and forwards and grieving over his nation. Some of the words he said were, “Yisra’el, O Yisra’el, how the mighty have fallen; hear the mothers weeping, O Yisra’el” and he repeated the same theme over and over as he wept and we watched a long line of plain brown wooden coffins file past us. As long as the scene lasted, that line of coffins did not end.———–Remember also that whenever something happens to natural Israel, it is a prophetic picture of what is going to happen in the Church of Jesus Christ. The enemy is ramping up his attack and God is allowing the head to be struck that the heart may turn to Him. All idolatry within His Body will be dealt with

Maria Perrone  (11/4/2018)

Just this morning I believe I had a vision. I’ve never experienced this before. I woke up and my eyes were definitely open but not completely wide as I was deciding if I wanted to get up or go back to sleep. Everything turned black and dark dark blue. I saw what I thought was a floater in my eye and was a little concerned because I just had an eye exam days ago and I didn’t see it before to tell the doc. I realized it wasn’t a floater but a small black horse head. The sky peeled back and then I saw the horses’ body and Pegasus wings as the shape grew large. The horse was flying through the incredibly deep dark blue sky. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought ‘oh dear God no’. Then I looked up in the peeled back sky and a black winged angel descended down through the hole. It was small and as I watched it fall it took on a more defined shape. I was panicking at this point as the angel grew larger. I said God I don’t want to see anymore and I opened my eyes wide and it stopped. I didn’t remember what the black horse meant so I just looked it up to find that it means famine. I plead the blood of Jesus over this earth and ask God to send his legions of angels to defeat and bind all that is evil on this earth. 😑

Prophetic Dreams/Word: The Intercessary Prayers Of The Saints Hold Back The Darkness! (Christopher Harris)

This relates to Christopher Harris message also— check the third petition down about how they are treating The Bible

EXCERPT from a video of BelieveActs2 is this:

“During the nuclear war, THE Anti-Christ, OBAMA, will rise in power, along with demonic entities. He will not look like he does now.”

– “Obama will be fully possessed by Satan at that time, who WILL transform Obama into “an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14); he will become an extremely handsome, dark flowing-haired man, with the look of an Italian movie star, perfect in form and features.  Again, Obama will NOT look like he does now, when Satan fully possesses him.”

Prophetic Dreams: Attacks against President Trump Video by backtoyourfirstlove


Dream of Obama again (Zachary Wilkinson)

Please seek God on this. Let HIM show you. Here is the link to the confirmation..…

Dream of government capture

Zachary Wilkinson

Jerome Williams

That dream shows that of course Obama is taking on the spirit of a fallen one……God is allowing you to see it spiritually because you

will see it and discern it in the natural and won’t be deceived by him like many will be. Obama is one that will make war….

..and that spirit will make war against Christ

5-15-16 – Are We Seeking Self-Interests OR God’s Interests?

Prophetic Word: Trump Is NOT Your Friend; Decision Of Funding Abortion Has Sealed This Nation’s Fate (Ken Roberts)

Prophetic Word: Watch And Be Ready (Glynda Lomax)

Prophetic Word: Nephilim: don’t be caught unaware By Elizabeth Marie

Prophetic Word: “Never Before In Human History Have The Upcoming Events Unfolded. They Are Unique For This Age” (Elizabeth Marie)

Prophetic Word: This Is The Time Of Trials (Godshealer7)

Dream: Jesus IS Preparing a Place For Us Church!!! I Saw Mine!!!

Lucifer is a counterfeit for sure.


Prophetic Dream: False Gospel And The Mark Of The Beast (Kerry Ann Gidden)

HolySpiritWind: Barack Obama will be Worshipped as God, for the Go…

7-16-17 ~ Another Nuclear Bomb Warning Word and Scripture Warning for the United States

by BelieveActs2

9-24-15 – The Soon-Appearing Fallen Angel, Manifesting as “Mary”, TO DECEIVE THE WORLD!!!

7-23-17 ~ The Repulsive & Deadly Mask of the Religious Spirit

Prophetic Word: The Seven Thunders (Linda Hasche)

1-15-18 ~ THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGN LORD SAYS: “Obama WILL return in power.”

Rev James B Medd confirms that Trump is a 33rd degree freemason

1-13-16 – A WORD OF WARNING For CANADA, Received by Rev. James B. Medd in 2001

5-11-16 ~ WARNING DREAM About Trump: ALL is NOT What it Seems

8-28-15 – DREAM: Arrested for Reading the Bible in the United States

5-7-16 ~ DREAM: “It Was Just Like Any Other Day”


4-8-17 ~ This WORD from the LORD had me Shaken

11-2-18 ~ The Judgement of Fire on Wicked Cities

11-2-18 ~ “The Destruction of New York is Imminent. . . “

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