Prophetic Flash Vision & Insight By Rover Radar

Prophetic Flash Vision & Insight By Rover Radar

Prophetic Vision And Insight by Rover Radar

Prophetic Outlook: “Snake Crawls Out Of The Western Wall” (Friday, November 02,2018)


I don’t know if the entire streamcast is devoted to that though.

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Snake, Reptile, Animal, Vintage, IsolatedI see this as 2 fold:




As I was watching, I strongly sensed it being related to the Peace Plan – the dove symbolizing that, and the snake would be Satan’s deceptions (and everything else in between regarding the coming darkness [sudden changes], in these chaotic End Times we are [and have been] living in.

In regards to yesterday’s midterm elections, THIS could / may well be the beginning of the sudden changes (America’s SHAKING IN God’s JUDGMENT). Obamacare was passed (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS), during Pelosi’s initial term as Speaker of the House (was it before or after Boehner?) – a GINORMOUS paged STACK of papers, that NO ONE read!

I forgot to include this (Flash Vision I had last April – which I also forgot to correct [when I sent it then], that the Fireball and Trump were SIDE BY SIDE {Fireball on the Left, and Trump on the Right}, besides being in a background of darkness).

28 April 2018

As I shifted to my right side early yesterday morning (before getting out of bed), I (thought I) briefly saw:

1. A ball of fire – coming towards something or somewhere I don’t know.

2. Trump falling – like being pushed out of a plane without a parachute (free falling?), only that it was in slow motion of some sort.

 Both were in a background of darkness.

Friends, please read this that HolySpiritWind received that the Lord prompted him to send to Rover Radar about her flash vision

I Wish to Speak to You Very Clearly, so that My People are Not in Confusion When the Things That I Am About to Speak of Begin to Happen. (October 18, 2017)

Obama has begun to build his “house” of reps; I kept hearing “kahlifa” in my spirit – Keno Rojas

Vision: “I finally have enough money, I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” – Keno Rojas

Word and Vision: A Tsunami Wave of Judgment Covered ALL of America – Joanie Stahl


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7 Replies to “Prophetic Flash Vision & Insight By Rover Radar”

  1. Sorry for the confusion. That word from HolySpiritWind, was in regards to the 2 fold dream (between February and March), and not the Flash Vision.

    It didn’t look like my current work place, but that’s where I sensed I was – protesters outside, I saw one of the 2 entrances blocked – was looking from that angle (Left Side), and was going to call for reinforcement (help), but the phone was dead when I picked it up. I was going to do Warfare Prayers, but couldn’t
    even say the name of Jesus (distortion of my mouth [try so hard, but can’t] – like when I used to have night terror / sleep paralysis [even during daytime naps] before). I was going to try again, but then the scene changes – I am somewhere elevated. And in the process (of coming up to see what’s ahead), I am now overlooking a body of water, and see a war ship with 2 smaller ones ([escorts / reinforcement?] 1 on the left, and another on the right) –  did not see what flag was on it. Then I woke up.

    In another dream (forgot when- probably about the same time frame [February and March]), I was in this room observing. Suddenly, out from the left and right corners, Leaders from China and North Korea (that’s who I sensed / thought they were) appear. And I just wanted to run out from there. I think in my fear, I woke up from that dream.

      1. Please scratch the word from HolySpiritWind on this page , and include it with the 2 fold dream in another post (to which you can also scratch my previous comment regarding that [2 fold dream], and add your comment there too). Thank you.

        1. YOU lost me completely? Please redo your dream and how you want it all and send to my email and I will delete this whole post and redo another one.


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