Prophetic Dream: “Obama Proclaimed Himself As “God” (Samson)

Prophetic Dream: “Obama Proclaimed Himself As “God” (Samson)

“Obama proclaimed himself as ‘god’.” – Samson

Samson shared a recent dream regarding Barack Obama, as shown below.

I’m always a lurker on this site and come and go quite frequently. I felt like I needed to tell you what I saw in a vision I had on September 26, 2018.

While I was worshiping the Lord that day, I chose the song “Our God is greater” by Chris Tomlin. As I sang it, I saw a vision in my spirit. I saw Barack Obama standing in what appeared to be a temple or a place of worship. As I was standing in front of him, Obama proclaimed himself as “god.”

When he said that, I was filled with rage. Then the next moment, my fist met his face and he was hurled to the ground. With his face bloody, he looked at me with contempt. Then his face suddenly began to warp into something demonic and ugly.

Then I heard a voice saying, “He is not who he claims he is”.

From what I understood, the Lord was telling me Barack Obama is a deceiver.

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