LET US CALL IT FOR WHAT IT IS SHALL WE? Another Deceiver Of Christians-Lauren Daigle And People Love It..

LET US CALL IT FOR WHAT IT IS SHALL WE? Another Deceiver Of Christians-Lauren Daigle And People Love It..


IT IS TIME to EXPOSE those who claim to be of God & Have sold out to the other side. God says in His Word “we are to hate what He hates”….what is an abomination in His eyes is to be an abomination in our eyes”. These singers are all promised money and fame and isn’t that what satan offered Yeshua but he rebuked it. At the end of the video here listen to what Ellen says to her. Seems like there is a connection between the two and Ellen helped make her famous somehow.

Friends, you are to discern, you are not to tolerate, go along, and welcome this into your lives. You are to “be separate” and this is all opposite of what the Word teaches us.

I WILL stand up for truth and at least there are some more under video in comments that will also. Too few of us though. Most will go along with this and say we are judging. Are we just to go along with it and not a Word? Aren’t we to stand up for the truth? Yes..you are either for God or against God…no compromise!!

Pray that she repents!

Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua4 days ago

I agree Drew its all become a big joke. Christianity now and the world have become friends but enemy of The Almighty God!!! there are a few selected by the world that are receiving praise from the world while the few remnant who are suffering the persecutions of the wicked. stay strong brother be bold and courageous as you are and endure to the end, there is a real reward coming for the faithful. God Bless you.

American Patriot3 days ago

I am one of the few that calls out the Sodomites, you don’t have many of us left. As I preach day in and day out. Gay marriage is enough leaven to destroy the moral fabric of this nation. You can’t hold truth in unrighteousness.

Mary Mclocke4 days ago (edited)

Look at Hillsong – Its own denomination now.. Bethel..and “Supernatural classes”….Northwoods’ Andy Stanley – throw out the Old Testament.. it goes on and on. I speak out EVERY SINGLE DAY….LOOK on You Tube under “prophesies for November”.. They’re insane.. NO ONE teaching last days but Pastors Charles Lawson and JD Farag……. “Christians” who you can tell clearly haven’t opened a Bible –Now THAT to me is TRAGIC.. Jesus is coming..and everyone argues the Rapture. The Bible is CLEAR.. Jesus will be here at ANY moment.. Be ye ready.. The “liberal denominations” have already fallen for the “God is love, everyone is welcome”…Nothing about God being HOLY…. This girl is ONE false Christian out of SO many….. only ONE… I’ve been watching this for MONTHS.. Jesus’ words ringing SO true.. *I am a woman of God*.. HE knows I am, all that matters, I stand for Him EVERY DAY of my life. Get mad at the state of the churches (congregations – not Christ’s Church) NO ONE has anywhere to be fed.. Look at John MacArthur – SOOO popular and a rank heretic.. NOT Christ’s blood that saves? Take the Mark and be saved? Yeah, okay…… Just as Jesus said… Waxing worse and worse… This Lauren is more last days things to be expected… Jesus’ own words…. Add all the Families torn to bits.. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!! \

American Patriot3 days ago

As far as this song, it has nothing to do with Jesus. I go through lyrics all the time to find meanings. It is normally the songs by troubled souls and I can see the patterns. This song has no patterns other than some one lying in a grave ditch. Getting up and being as Bob Dylan says like a Rolling Stone. The only reason why I know Bob Dylan wrote that song is cause Jimi Hendrix used to cover it.

Eric Lanham4 days ago

Discernment told me something was wrong a while back. Powerful voice yet something is most definitely wrong.

janice reese3 days ago (edited)

$$ Money $$ alone was the only reason she sang, Both Lauren and ED found a way of mocking God globally. “But be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap” Gal 6:7, amen 🙏 America Repent, reach for God’s forgiveness 🙏 again amen!

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2 Replies to “LET US CALL IT FOR WHAT IT IS SHALL WE? Another Deceiver Of Christians-Lauren Daigle And People Love It..”

  1. Failure to stand in truth leads to destruction. Will pray the Lord prepares her heart and that this door to deceiving many will slam shut . This is all fortold and no surprise to The Lord . Would it be great if someone recognized opportunity to boldly proclaim The Lord Jesus on the worlds stage.. Boldy standing firmly and with a passion that would make the heavens shake so many would get right with Jesus. Oh Lord Almighty have mercy on the lost and soften the Hearts of stone. Amen

    1. Yes it is sad but so many of them have “sold out”. Hillsong is one of the biggest taking people down to hell. People need to wake up. I pray the lost repent and run and may their eyes open soon.


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