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  1. Other prominent last day ministry websites have refused to publish comments about anything that disagrees with their strict stand that Obama is the anti-messiah. This video is a very good top of the heap first hand witness who lived in the anti-messiah realm for a good part of her life, pay attention well!!! Obama is not the anti-Christ, he is Gog! PERIOD! If it were not for the deception that is creeping into the very elect, I would not be saying anything to offend my fellow believers. Your unbelief on this issue will draw you into a slope that only goes down from here. The anti-messiah is coming to show he is JESUS and not deny JESUS “, anti-Christ”. The real anti-messiah is on the scene right now. He is to be revealed after the great falling away. Obama has been on the scene since 2006 and has been a denier that JESUS is and that we do not need a messiah, add the pieces together with real discernment and not your understandings. You are deceived, who ever you are if you think Obama is the anti-messiah, PERIOD! Two different roles are being played out by two different character for two different reasons to obtain the same end goal, destroy GOD’S creation. A little leaven, leavens the whole loaf, PAY ATTENTION! READ and SEEK and understand via the discernment you are supposed to be asking for. The real anti-messiah is deliberately not revealed at this time for a reason. He will be revealed at approximately 1290 days before the return of JESUS. I am not going to get into why and how I know what I know and try to convince anyone of the truth. It our own duty to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and to foster our own close relationship. Most will be dead and in their eternal home when the real anti-messiah is revealed. This is the time that the rapture of the bride happens. At the same time that GOD’S wrath is poured out. Why are not my fellow followers understanding the scripture in light of what JESUS has added via Amos 3:7. The real information is out there and available if JESUS wants you to know. He knows who and why he reveals what and to who and why. I was/am not given things that others are given. There are many true prophets that are true purveyors of Amos 3:7. There are many who seek what only JESUS can give and they only mess up if they are not extremely careful as go off on their own. It is very important that no one be deceived by any means as JESUS stated. Look carefully about how JESUS stated over and over again how the very elect would be deceived. You are responsible for leading sheep astray. Put the/your puzzle together with great care and do not force the pieces. It means life and death to many who don’t know, including you dear brother and sister.

    1. Sir, please go watch videos of when Obama first came on the scene, the lottery numbers, and the stage he set up after he became President, which he should never have been for it was fraud. He is a master at deception and lies is he not? He himself told us who he is long ago but most cannot see it when it is right in their faces. I have led nobody astray and she is spot on! Watch the other video posted today about the compilation of Obama and he states very clearly in the video “Yes I believe Jesus is Lord”. You need to watch that video please.
      Tons and tons of people have gotten revelations, dreams, visions about Obama. I, Ms. Sophie, was shown Obama’s face flashing on a Nazi symbol, the swastika and he will cause millions to die. He is the prophesied one.

    1. I do not know what you mean when you say I tried 3 times? Tried what? Opening a video that was posted? You have a blessed weekend


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