NEWS: Russia Tests Nuclear Missiles, Anti-Corruption Female Officer Shot Dead In Russia, Nepal Storm Kills Climbers & More

NEWS: Russia Tests Nuclear Missiles, Anti-Corruption Female Officer Shot Dead In Russia, Nepal Storm Kills Climbers & More

Hillary Clinton gives up security clearance in wake of email scandal and permission is cancelled for five of her aides to look at state secrets as ‘researchers’

Russia tests NUCLEAR missiles in simulated response to ‘enemy attack’

Saudi princes and billionaires are STILL locked up and even feared dead a year after ‘corruption’ crackdown by the crown prince suspected of ordering journalist’s ‘murder’

11 infant bodies found in former Detroit funeral home

Russia’s top female anti-corruption officer is shot dead in the street as a senior Putin aide heads the murder investigation into her death

Here’s Why The Next Recession Will Spiral Into A Depression

Microsoft under fire after ‘horrifying’ racist and anti-Semitic results revealed on its Bing search engine

Nepal storm kills climbers attempting Himalaya peak | DW …

Fire on German high-speed train forces evacuation | News …

Dramatic Footage Captures Hypersonic Nuclear Aircraft Streaking Across China Sky 

ANTIFA VANDALIZES NYC GOP HEADQUARTERS, ‘ATTACK MERELY A BEGINNING’ ‘We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize’

SERIOUSLY? The European Union believes that it is able to accommodate 3.8 billion more refugees and migrants SQ;FORGET MICRO DOSING ON LSD -THESE GUYS MUST BE BATHING IN HALLUCINOGENS!

Do Mexico’s Cartels Have WMDs?Increasing Aggression And Acquisition Of Nuclear Materials. Moving these materials across the southern US border is not prohibitively difficult due to the number of federal employees who are controlled by cartel groups

‘I will be calling at some point’: Trump says he WILL raise ‘terrible situation’ of missing Wapo journalist with Saudi king amid claims he was tortured, murdered then dismembered for criticizing the royal regime

Man’s home is DESTROYED and $10,000 worth of his possessions are stolen by looters after someone posted a fake Craigslist ad saying everything must go while he was on vacation

REVEALED: Son of limo company owner charged in deadly crash that killed 20 was living a life of luxury in a $1.3million, 10,000-sq ft mansion with his brother and had a fleet of sports cars for himself 

Cancer survivor is forced to leave convenience store after owner complained  his disfigured face ‘was putting off customers’

Horrifying video shows autistic boy, 11, getting DRAGGED by his arms down his school hallway by staff

Mother, 31, accidentally smothered and killed her eight-month-old son as she died from a meth overdose 

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