NEWS: Storm Callum, 3 Earthquakes-M6.0, M6.2, M6.5 (666) & M7.0 Shake Ring Of Fire, Witches Plan To Put Hex On Kavanaugh, Unhinged Left In Video & More

NEWS: Storm Callum, 3 Earthquakes-M6.0, M6.2, M6.5 (666) & M7.0 Shake Ring Of Fire, Witches Plan To Put Hex On Kavanaugh, Unhinged Left In Video & More

UK weather: Storm Callum brings rain and 76mph winds to …

666: 3 earthquakes larger than M6.0 (M6.0, M6.2, M6.5) and a M7.0 shake the Ring of Fire within 5 hours

Uganda landslide kills seven amid heavy downpours: Red …

“An Atomic Bomb Has Hit Our City”: ‘Apocalyptic’ Post-Michael Scenes From Mexico Beach

Russia tests NUCLEAR missiles in simulated response to ‘enemy attack’

Media Suddenly Warns Of Recession “By The End Of 2020” That Will Be “Worse Than The Great Depression”

Alert!! Military Fleet Grounded Immediately After Trump Reads Terrifying Classified Report…They’re Here!-It is time for us to wake up every man, woman, and child to the actual threat that now has infiltrated our country

Witches plan to put a Hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh:NOTE THE WAR ON MEN, WITH THE RISE IN OPEN WITCHCRAFT AGAINST THEM! Prayer to thwart the plans of the Wicked Enemy

GOP Seizes On Left’s “Unhinged Mob” Mentality In Viral Video

Perfectly preserved ancient shrine ‘frozen in time’ in volcanic ash for 2,000 years is found in the ruined city of Pompeii

US Army Wants 250,000 Next-Gen Combat Rifles And 150 Million Bullets 

More FBI Corruption Exposed: “Compromised” Asian Staff Recalled After Prostitution Probe

Mob Rule Always Precedes Civil War and Obama Has Emerged as the Chief Mobster

Dow plunges for a SECOND day after Trump blamed ‘out of control’ Federal Reserve for raising interest rates

Archbishop of Washington resigns over sex abuse cover-up claims as New York cardinal says even his own mother is ’embarrassed to be Catholic’

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation–Media & police covering up the fact rioters were a ‘violent Somali mob’.

With 100 Sharia courts and 423 new mosques London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries

Crew member dies on Mr. Rogers movie set with Tom Hanks …

Trump administration HHS dumps contract to buy aborted baby body parts

Air India plane hits wall during takeoff, makes emergency …

Woman who suffered SIX miscarriages and had more than 600 IVF injections weeps with joy as she holds her baby for the first time, after her best friend stepped in to serve as a surrogate

Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers; Prominent Conservatives Vanish

Leftists say the time for civility is over. When have they ever been civil?

Planned Parenthood looking to hire director to destroy future pro-life judges

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested and is facing ..

He has been released Who is Andrew Brunson, The Pastor Prompting Sanctions …

Heartbreaking photos reveal how a four-year-old girl was abused for months before being beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend, as cop reveals she suffered like no other victim he has ever seen before

Mall’s surveillance cameras capture predator with his pants down stalking a young toddler moments before he tries to sexually assault her as her mother stands nearby

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