Will Trump’s Trade War Spur A Major Crash? (RT)

Will Trump’s Trade War Spur A Major Crash? (RT)

He says in the video that the crash will come in 2020. I disagree; the crash is coming sooner I do believe….much sooner.

United States sold the country a long time ago, this is what happens when you choose profit over the people, your politicians should be held fully accountable for the downfall of the United States. the people at the top continue to profit while everybody at the bottom continues to struggle. When will the masses learn, I guess when they let the politicians turn the United States into a third world country welcome to capitalism American where citizens try the wealthy like God’s.
corp.,bankers, millionaires, and wall street have been controlling politics and the economy for years under both parties rep and dems. in the last crash we lost our homes, retirements funds, and 401k. instead of putting them in jail we reward them by giving them tax cuts and deregulation so they can do it again. And we put them in Washington. we are so brainwashed
I thought Trump said the economy was better now than it has ever been in History since he came into office??
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