Prophetic Message: Idols Into Dust (278pikelk)

Prophetic Message: Idols Into Dust (278pikelk)


TRANSCRIPT: “My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. Much of the darkness that has been taking place on your earth will now be coming into the light. These that abuse My little ones will be exposed. You will see more and more people being brought into the light and exposed because I am shining My supernatural light into the darkness on your earth. I’ve let the enemy be the ruler over your earth, but now I will slowly dismantle his establishment, shining My light into every dark corner, to show people the horror that the elites have been forcing upon many of My innocent children. They have devised deep undercover maze of deception so that they can remain idolized within your cultures, yet they have fallen into a reprobate mind and operate under the complete influence of the enemy.

These who have placed their faith in him and are yielding to his plans will be exposed. These abominations to Me have gone on long enough. These will be exposed one by one, and it will reach some top of your political figures in your world, and many will be shocked. It is My hour to expose many darknesses. Plans of the enemy will be thwarted and broken down. And even the most obscure plans to violate My little ones will be exposed. People that the public respect and look up to will be exposed and shamed, and many who no one expected would ever participate in these horrific acts will be exposed

I will shine My light into his darkness, and I will expose the wicked deeds of the elite. Many are warning of things to come. For they have put some pieces of the enemy’s plans together, and they are exposing his intentions. But they are not figuring My plans in the picture. Before I remove My own, they will see My light shining brightly upon many imposters. They will see My supernatural hand coming against the enemy and his minions. His monsters will be exposed, and those suffering in captivity will be freed, and My face will fall upon them. I will put an end to the anguish in which they suffer, and I will cut the enemy off at every turn, so that he cannot entice even one more of My little ones into his web. His minions, those doing his dirty work, will be stopped in their tracks. Good men and women will be put in the right place at the right time, and will one by one bring down these perpetrators of evil. Every day you will see another one of his soldiers called out and shamed in the eyes of My truth.

His reign of darkness will go on, yes, but before I bring My own to me, you will begin to see many that have been following his marching orders stopped in their tracks. I will use My imperfect to foil his plans. Many of these have yet to even know Me, but they will come to know Me when they witness the horrors of what I lay before them for exposure. Even the hardest of hearts will be softened when they see the truth of what the enemy has been doing to My little ones behind closed doors. Watch, My children, as the perpetrators of these sick abominations are brought down. Many, once icons in the eyes of many in your world, will be turned to dust. I’m coming!”

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