Prophetic Message: “I Am Coming To The Coastlands” With Michael (Allison Pound)

Prophetic Message: “I Am Coming To The Coastlands” With Michael (Allison Pound)

“I am coming to the coastlands.” with Michael – Allison Pound

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I had been praying on and off since watching a video of Jimmy Swaggart’s church. A woman brings a message in tongues in the middle of the service, interpretation follows. I was much affected and began to weep the moment the woman began to speak in tongues. The Lord began to speak to me about Hurricane Michael around midday (yesterday). He began by saying that the woman who brought the message in tongues is a faithful, long time servant of His.

Earlier today I thought that Hurricane Michael was literally going to hit Louisianna. Not so sure about that now. The Lord has not actually said Louisiana. Just that a storm is coming.
On checking projected path of the hurricane, forecasters are putting out alerts for Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Apparently they don’t think Louisiana will be affected?

So this is what the Lord actually said to me after referencing the woman in Swaggart’s church:

But destruction from hurricane Michael will come also to other coasts along the bottom of America. This hurricane will cause severe flooding in multiple states and counties. I am coming to the coastlands. I am washing away all that is not of Me. I am removing people from their homes. I am removing some out of terrible situations, so that what looks like a distaster to some, is actually My mercy because they will not be able to go back to those situations after the storm. The storm is truly coming. It will be like Carolina. ( by that I understood He means the last hurricane that hit North Carolina and surrounds, so the same kind of flooding and damage)

The name Michael, as you would know, is the name of one of the Archangels who has to do with judgement. His name means ‘who is like God’. The Lord also told me that He ‘had a hand’ in naming this hurricane.

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