Prophetic Dream #303: God, Rest, Rejoice This Day (Sparrowcloud9)

Prophetic Dream #303: God, Rest, Rejoice This Day (Sparrowcloud9)

Sparrowcloud9 – Dream 303 – God and rest and rejoice this day


Dream 303

Dream 303 – God and rest and rejoice this day

Received on Sunday, September 23, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You!  Thank You for another day here.  There are so many things to be thankful for that I could never name all of them before You.  There are the things I could name which are known to me, as well as the things that are unknown or unseen to me.  The unseen would include times when things came against me, my husband, my children, my friends, my animals or my household in which angels protected us.

There are things You stopped in front of Your Throne.  This would include schemes by others made in secret which You divinely put a stop to.  Oh Father, I am in tears today from being so thankful for You.  Yesterday was only my third day of solid food.  I ate some processed food last night and I became slightly sick from it.  It seems that I can now eat solids, but I still need to be careful about what I eat.

Today is just a little after the third-year anniversary of mom’s death on Yom Kippur 2015.  I have had dreams with her in it and we were both around the same age of 25.  I have also had dreams with her in it that all I did was follow and listen to her as she did her own thing.  I miss her.  I wish she could have lived here like she does today there.

I also miss my dad.  I am not sure what his fate was.  I believe that, since he too was in a coma, God may have called him there.  However, I am not certain what this would have looked like.  While he was cold to me and my brother, he seemed to have a compassion for others, but only when it served him.  He would then boast of how he helped others even to the point of embellishing his acts.

My dad had an odd type of ‘faith’…he had extreme faith in those who had money and was always striving for ways that men could bring him riches.  He even stole my inheritance that had been promised to me by my grandparents.  However. I did not grieve over this as I did not think I would ever actually see any of this.  Even though I was the oldest grandchild, I rarely felt worthy in their eyes.

Father, thank You for removing my brother and me from a major enemy trap.  I have seen what money or the promise of money does to people.  This is clearly one of the enemy’s favorite tool that he uses to keep a man from having a full relationship with You.  My father was one of those men.  He was one of those men that would expect something be given to him from those who ‘have’ even if he did not do anything for it.

I am thankful to You, Father, that You have removed me from performing for man like a ‘trained seal’.  I have not performed for anyone but you and my family these last few years and it has been so freeing.  Working for my household is truly joyful because it is chore based and makes my heart glad.  With my journal, communion with You is more rewarding than anything I have ever done in my life.

There has been nothing greater than my relationship with You, Father.  You have used my life stories, my sorrows, my joys, my physical pain and my bridges to relate to others who have had the same struggles and joys I have had and I am forever grateful.  Thank You, Father, for all of my amazing friends on the Nest as, without them, I surely would not feel such overwhelming love by their presence and by their prayers.  Thank You!

The remnants of the Hurricane Florence came to our area yesterday.  The winds and rain knocked down trees and caused us to have a loss of power for about ten hours or so.  Losing personal comfort is humbling, even for as short a time as ten hours.  So much of the time, we simply never pay attention to basic services like utilities.  We take for granted modern conveniences like:

  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Water
  • Cable or satellite television
  • Internet
  • A safe vehicle that runs
  • Four road worthy tires
  • Refrigeration for our perishable foods
  • Fresh food
  • Store houses of food in the pantry
  • A reliable shelter over our heads
  • Money in the bank

And these are just our daily provisions.  What about losing major things that reduce us even further:

  • Loss of a loved one such as a spouse, a parent or a child
  • Loss of a friend, human or animal, such as pets
  • Loss of mobility due to changes in physical health
  • Loss of limbs
  • A weakened heart
  • A brain that can no longer remember
  • Then there is breathing, swallowing, sight and hearing, just to name a few

Father, everyday I overlook all that You have done for me from the beginning to the end.  You have done these things for me, but not just in my life, but also for my household and those around me in the world.  I am so sorry for taking the things You do for granted.  So much of the time when I am waiting I accidentally focus on what I do not have, cannot do, cannot go, miss doing or having and how much I have failed.

I am sorry, so very sorry!  Help me to not focus on the troubles that I have just been through.  I want to instead give thanks to You and to stay focused on Your promises and Your loving kindness.  You are awesome in power and I am so grateful to still be here to see all that You have promised unfold.  Though I feel pain in my head and body and my sight is sometimes blurry, I am still here and I can still see.

I can also now hold down bread, water and other foods.  Despite my two brain tumors, I am still able to write.  Thank You, Father!  Thank You!  Father, You are perfect.  You are larger than all of life itself because You are the Creator of all of it.  You are also nearby and hear us when we cry out to You.  As for those caught in the desires of their flesh, they run and hide from You.  I must admit that I have been there myself.

Running and hiding is pointless when we try to this with our omnipresent God.  This is when He seems far from us, separated from us.  A wise man is a man who desires a life close to God, God over all things of this world.  Even when it seems like an eternity to get there, it took You no time at all to remove the Israelites out of Egypt.  However, it then took forty years to remove Egypt out of the hearts of the Israelites.

Oh Father, thank You so much for my forty days of fasting.  Thank You for Your guidance even as I stumbled through so much of it.  It has been a difficult, difficult race and I am grieving today.  My dream last night was a serious one and reminded me of similar dreams that I have had before…

Sub-dream 1 “Thankful for my two sons” begins…

My two sons were much younger, the ages they were almost 16 years ago, ages 3 and 5.  They had very little understanding and fully relied on me.  While I had tried to give them responsibilities similar to those normal children could do at their ages, they were unable to do these without great difficulty.  In order for me to see their milestones, I had to stick to only things that they had interest in or I knew that they could do.

Unlike normal children without Autism Spectrum, I could not try new things with them.  Everything had to be orderly and predictable or chaos would erupt.  No matter how hard I tried, my friend’s and family’s children accelerated past both of them in abilities.  I was trying to explain deep mysteries of the Bible to them, but it was slow and agonizing.  It was painful and I felt exhausted when I woke up from this dream.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, this was an example of how difficult it is to bring us to harvest.  However, it also reminds us of how incredibly patient You are with us and I am so thankful.  If You had not given me these two boys to raise, my walk with You and my compassion and patience for others would not be where they are now.  What a gift they have been in my life.  I also had a second dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “Avoiding the Air Strikes” begins…

I was with two of my friends in a foreign city that I had never been before.  While I was not sure where this was, the architecture seemed like it was most likely somewhere in Europe.  We were in this city for an important purpose.  We were there to witness to five people, as well as several others.  The city was soon to come under siege by ground forces after the enemy was done sending in air strikes.

We were in the area where both the first and second air strikes had come.  The Lord then told me that there was a third air strike coming in just five minutes.  I told those around me that God had sent me to witness and that they needed to believe me that they needed to take cover immediately.  Of those around me, only two took heed and were the most unlikely of the bunch.

These two were the number 1 and number 2 kingpins of a major gang.  What I found odd is that they both looked normal and had no tattoos or piercings visible.  When I asked them about this, I discovered that they did this so that they could look normal and therefore be able to conduct business with business leaders in typical settings.

When the air strikes came, they were quite frightening and very real.  Many were killed and wounded.  There were a handful of God’s warriors there, including me and my friends, and we were sent to comfort, heal and witness in His Name.  God then gave me supernatural abilities that I am not to elaborate on in my writings in order to show the two kingpins that I was sent from Him and that I was not part of the strike force.

With this supernatural display, combined with all of the death these two could now see and knew that they had avoided by following me to the shelter, it was no surprise that they both were now quiet and willing to listen.  I spoke with them for a short while and then they started to confess to all they had done.  Both of them then chose to turn from their lifestyles of death to instead go to Jesus for healing.

All of us that were of God’s army were there to be like a special ops group from God, from Heaven.  None of us looked able until God rose up in us, welling up in us like a fountain.  While the water from this fountain had only ‘sputtered out’ at the beginning, it was now flowing out mightily from us.  God was now using us fully to minister to the unlikable and the unreachable.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again up in the beautiful meadow.  While I was changed here in Heaven, my stomach was sick and my head hurt as I sat in my devotional chair on Earth.  Here in Heaven and here with God, I am strengthened, healed and alive in Jesus.

Me:  “Oh Lord, here I am again, sick and exhausted.  I cannot wait for the day when we are healed like I am here…on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Father, Lord, Jesus, please, please heal us soon.  Please set us free to witness.  Please set us free to operate in Your Will!”

Just then, I heard the Voice of God all around me and over me.

God:  “Erin, I will do all that I have said that I will do!  Now, rest and rejoice.  Come into My dwelling place.  Give Me your burdens and cast aside your prison clothes.  Come and dine at My table.  Drink from the cup of living water in front of you.  Eat from the bread of life until you are full and then sing and dance like you did in your youth.  Erin, I have invited you and will give you the desires of your heart.

“You will witness and will display awesome deeds in My Name.  You will cause the wicked to confess and the lost will be found by Me.  You will witness to My love, My mercy and My kindness.  You will confound the heads of evil men and women and comfort those who are weak.  You will be like a trumpet calling out to the blind to say ‘this is the way, walk in this’.

“As the lost step out, the ground will shake, the mountains will lay low and the path will be smoothed and leveled right before them.  Those who step out of the world and follow My call will find Me there and will witness to My works.  Those who prefer the world will receive their payment in full and will perish.  Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice as the times of the fulfillment of ‘The Book of Mysteries’ have come and very few see this.

“Wait on Me.  Give this day to Me for My purposes.  Rest…rest and take comfort.  Rejoice, children, rejoice, for the One Who once walked there, My Son, My Son is coming.  Pronounce the Good News because beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!  I love you, Erin.  Rest and rejoice this day for I am with you!  Do not worry as I AM here!”

Dream over…

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