Prophetic Message For Now: “Because They Chose The Man Over Me, They Will Go Into Battle…(MenaLee Grebin)

Prophetic Message For Now: “Because They Chose The Man Over Me, They Will Go Into Battle…(MenaLee Grebin)

“Because they chose the man over Me, they will go into battle believing that I am with them and I will not be with them, and many will perish.”

A vision was given to me in December 2016, about 4 or 5 weeks after the election. I was in my room in prayer. While I was talking to the Lord, I went into a vision. This one stunned me. I saw a large group of people hovered together tightly in a circle. There were all kinds of people from all races and creeds, but the majority were Caucasians. They were from all ages and backgrounds, but they were all tightly knit together. They were talking and gesturing, but I could not hear their conversations.

Then I saw a large veil falling out of the sky. It fell on these people and gently covered them. At first, I thought it was pretty, but the Lord spoke to me and said, “No, this is a veil of deception.”

I continued to watch and as this veil fell over them, the people did not notice it. They continued talking with each other, laughing and getting along great. Then I saw dark images moving in closer, like an enemy camp, like soldiers dressed in black, like ancient armor. They looked medieval, carrying spears and javelins. They were getting closer and closer, encircling this group of people, but the people were unaware of them. No one saw the enemy was closing in on them in far greater numbers than they were.

The Lord spoke to me,

“Because they chose the man over Me, they will go into battle believing that I am with them and I will not be with them, and many will perish.”

Then the scene changed and I saw another vision. I saw blood in the streets and violence with terrible things happening in the country. Then the Lord said,

“There is a war coming to the Jews and to the Christians. There will be blood on the streets, but it will not happen until certain policies and laws are passed. Then it will happen. The people were blaming the Jews and Christians for the policies of this administration.”

I was shaken by that so I asked the Lord, “What about the Jews and Christians who did not fall for this or vote for this President?”

Then the Lord stopped me and interrupted me saying,

“It’s not going to matter. Nobody is going to ask whether you voted for him or not. It is going to be like one umbrella.”

I thought this was not fair, but the Lord said, “I am going to allow this to happen because I must judge the Church in America.”

Part of this has come to pass already, but the rest of it is about to come to pass. Many of you are going to be upset and offended, but you cannot tell God you were not warned. My hands will be clean as far as the Church in America is concerned. I hope at least the Bride will listen. I hope you will not ignore what the spirit of God is saying to the churches.

Over the last few weeks, the Lord has been saying to me, “Tekel.” This is a word for America and it means you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The Lord spoke to me saying, “It has begun.”

This is another wave of judgment, another level of judgment, a tsunami of judgment. This one is big. We have seen waves come upon our land in the form of devastating storms, fires in the wine country, a terrible winter, hurricanes Matthew, Harvey, and Maria, a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Yom Kippur, and this year we had hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas during the days of awe. That was judgment. Judgment is here, not because God hates us, but because He loves us and is giving us an opportunity to repent. He must shake us to our core to get us to wake up because we have not been willing to repent voluntarily.

People have claimed that America has repented, that this is the reason why we have our current administration, but that is not true. God is merciful and patient and He has granted the prayers of people who prayed this president in, but one of the things the Lord told me two years ago about this president is, “He will be here to reveal the secrets of the heart of man, the secrets of the Church itself.”

In the past two years, the Church in America has become more divided than ever. This country has been divided and divided and divided again. God is allowing this president to bring a massive separation in this country. It has reached the point where people are making this man into a god and they will argue about it.

The Lord told me, “There is a famine coming.”

In the 12 years I have been in ministry, I had never heard the Lord tell me a famine was coming. When I say famine, I am not talking about a spiritual famine, or a famine of truth, and there is a famine of truth because people are listening to Hannaniah’s (false prophets) and priests of Baal, but I am talking about a literal shortage of food. Even in Venezuela, people are starving now. But in this next season, we are going to see it in a greater scale. And yes it is going to impact the United States.

God let me know,

“America is Jericho. In this hour of judgment, I will preserve and lift My children up, those who have surrendered their all to me.”

For those few who have surrendered their all to Him, the Lord will give you instruction on what to do and where to go. For the rest, you must repent.

Author: Mena Lee Grebin

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