Watch: Giants-Origins Of Shapeshifting, Rituals & The Elite Bloodlines (ImetGodinperson)

Watch: Giants-Origins Of Shapeshifting, Rituals & The Elite Bloodlines (ImetGodinperson)


I want to clarify, each native American tribe has ITS OWN creation or migration story. Not all tribes claim they always existed in North America, quite a few say they migrated there. Some say over oceans, some say they came out of caves and ceyotes from the inner earth regions, and some say they migrated from the cold north from a different land, THESE are the ones which migrated over the Bering Strait, I saw an elder of such a tribe testify this on video himself, and their history he mentioned says it was about 10,000-15,000 yrs ago, which perfectly aligns with the Bering Strait theory. They also hunted Mastadons in the snow and ice, which is further proof. Human beings have been proven to first show up in Africa and Middle East regions, NOT any other continent. Humans did not just magically appear on every continent, that is foolishness. Especially if you believe in the Bible, which agrees with science on the location of origin!
Native American grounds have many interdimentional portals where fallen angels come through just like the one from Genesis on Mount Hermon. These Indians will testify to their witnesssing all of this. And mentioning cyclops many giant red haired skulls are Cyclops.
It says that the watchers…from the old times long ego, have taught man very bad things. They taught man the arts of war, how to built powerful technological weapons ( for they had technology in those days ) they taught man how to communicate with familiar spirits, ( witchcraft, sorcery & magic ), they brought & taught man unnatural ways ( homosexuality, bestiality…etc ). Things were so bad, that the Most High only saved one family, from amongst perhaps millions of inhabitants. These fallen ones are once again doing the same thing they did in the old days, & 80 to 90% of man can’t see it. Everything on tele-vision, the movies, music, science, politics, news & the whole entertainment is under their control…they are & will use it to manipulate man’s minds ( including the children ) to accept, think & do things ( the abominations ) like these fallen do. The children & young generation is in grave danger…their minds are being stolen & filled with lies by design. The enemy is beating the drums & most are marching forward blind… God help us all…!!!!
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