FEMA’s October 3rd, 2018 Event & It’s Obama’s Wedding Anniversary

FEMA’s October 3rd, 2018 Event & It’s Obama’s Wedding Anniversary


ALL I CAN SAY is something nefarious is going on for sure but not necessarily on this day.  Also, take it to the Lord to confirm or help you with all of this.

2:18= 8+1=“9” 9+2=“11”… there you go we got our 9/11 test🤔 then it’s going to last 30 minuets on the 3rd?!?!!!!! There is your “33”
so if something really happened while a test was going on who would know? seems like a very long duration for a test… 5-15 mins should all that is required unless they know of problems in the system or just want to leave a larger window open for an “event” just be aware of surroundings … after 9 / 11 and NORAD doing “test” of an attack on skyscrapers… at exact same time or the same thing that happened in London I think it was with that actual subway bombing when they were doing a test of a subway bombing… these cats controlling everything are very unoriginal and always follow the same patterns it is like they have choice but to do it a certain way… time to pay attention people…
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