Prophetic Dream: Horrific Experience At Satanic Elites Cannibal Feast At European Palace (ImetGodinperson)

Prophetic Dream: Horrific Experience At Satanic Elites Cannibal Feast At European Palace (ImetGodinperson)

If you think this does not happen, think again. Sadly this is happening all the time

You were at the Rothschild mansion . I have seen it too in visions or dreams. God bless you brother for speaking out . I have too.
I feel my daughter and I may have escaped a situation like this when we went to Paris. No telling really but here is the story. It was my first time there so I didn’t know the layout. We get off the plane and work our way through the airport and a man in a very nice suit approaches us and asks if we need a cab. I’m usually pretty street smart but we were exhausted and his nice attire let me put my guard down. So we get on this elevator and it goes to what looks like a garage of sorts and from what I can remember it is dark, dirty, felt like a basement and not a soul down there. The man gets on his phone and little does he know I speak fairly decent French. He is angry at a driver for not being there to meet us. He gets off the phone and I say, you are not the driver? Let me see your credentials! He hands me a business card and says it’ll just be a minute. That moment, fear and terror strikes me and I look at my daughter and it was like she could read my mind that I was frightened. He proceeds to get back on the phone after he realizes I’m uneasy. I back up and hit the elevator button because we are still in front of it and it opens and we escaped into it and he is angry and is telling to stay and I promise I was ready to fight for mine and my daughters life. The minute the door closes I see the car pull up and it’s darkly tinted. We make it up to the area we came in and my daughter and I get off the elevator and we are FREAKED! Another man approaches us and says are you ok? I tell him what just happened even though at this point I don’t want to talk to or trust anyone and out of the corner of my eye I see the man in the suit again and he is watching us. I point him out to the man and he leads us out of the airport where the cabs really are. We didn’t even have to get on an elevator to get a cab. I felt so stupid and to this day when I think about this it scares the crap out of me. It could have been nothing but in my heart I really don’t think so.
I’m only 3 mins in and I believe you. I’ve had some pretty eye opening dreams in the past year too. When you get a dream from God- you KNOW. They’re so real and detail orientated. All over the world- people are having these type of dreams. I wonder if your “dream” was a replay of someone else’s last hours on Earth and you witnessed it in their eyes. No one goes free from those things. They would grant you what would seem to be a way out- which would give a victim hope- so theyd fight harder. You’d think you’re free but they swoop in last second and take that last little bit of hope away…
I too had a very similar dream as you. It really disturbed me for a long time. The only difference was, their were rooms with dentists chairs in them and as I was taken down a corridor I could see a butcher room a room with meat slices, just like the ones you see at the deli section of a supermarket that slice ham ect. I was placed on a dentists chair and then it hit me that I was going to be tortured to death and later pepared for eating. It was so real and very scary. I forgot to say that I was given a choice at first whether to follow the new world system or not. I said no and then I was taken off. It was truly horrible. The good news is that just before I was killed God took me out of my body and I was instantly in heaven. I never felt a thing.
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