LEARN: Shocking Revelation On The Prophetic Third Temple (OnPointPreparedness)

LEARN: Shocking Revelation On The Prophetic Third Temple (OnPointPreparedness)

Krystal Decker

Jesus was talking about the temple body , and not A building.

 Lina cm

Thank you so much for these words. I have been trying to tell Everyone I know this, but, being semi-new in Christ, the say I’m crazy and don’t truly understand what “temple” means….I was beginning to believe them even though I KNOW I read it in the Bible. Thank you, God for answering my prayer and showing me that I do understand what your word Temple means. And thank you and God Bless you.

Bill Dumke

Agreed 100% This video was very informative.


Wow. This makes total sense. Love the way the Holy Spirit uses you to teach us truth. God already had a King in place, but we wanted man to rule over us; we are the temple of God; God’s dwelling place is in our hearts and on His Holy Throne in heaven. Thank you.



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