Prophetic Word: All You Need Is Me, NOT RELIGION (Ms. Sophie)

Prophetic Word: All You Need Is Me, NOT RELIGION (Ms. Sophie)

Received 9/21/2017
Published 9/22/2017

God said, “This is My name forever.” | Jlue's Weblog

(I want to say this is a heavy Word to put out there but so necessary and I got attacked by satan as I was trying to start writing it so then I knew how much he didn’t want this out there for the public to see. All the more reason for me to get it out for Abba. Got severely attacked by satan again halfway through and had to stop because the pain was so great. So stopped and had to go in prayer in the Spirit and finally it subsided because Abba took it away for me so I could finish this. Satan really does not want this out. I have never been attacked this hard writing a Word which means he really does not want all of you to know the truth of what he has deceived you all with)


My daughter, write these words down.

My people, why do you insist on walking on the broken path that leads to your downfall, your destruction? Do you think I am not real? Are most of you under the belief that you are going to make it to My Kingdom living the way you live? I see you. I know you and from where I sit most of you will never see heavenly things, will not be in My kingdom. You cannot live as you want and think all your present and future sins are forgiven.

I see no change in most as you partake in your filth, vulgarity, drugs, alcohol, pornography, masturbation, fornication, casual sex, loving violent movies and violent video games. You play on your phone apps totally oblivious to what is happening around you and around the world.

My children, you make an appearance at Bible Study and at church as the hypocrites you are, living lives against My Word, My Ways acting as if you have knowledge and thinking somehow this makes you right before My eyes. Is this Holiness? Is this living according to My Word? You serve Ba’al at every turn, you worship him on his day, you live in Babylon and in whoredom.

My children, you underestimate Me. You make a mockery of Me and I will not be mocked. There is a heavy price to pay for this. So you think hell is not real or do you believe you can get out one day? Hell was never made for man but man chooses to go there by his own free will.

Rebellious, arrogant, prideful you children insist on doing things your way. You must realize your soul never dies and in hell you will relive every sin along with torment and fire. The screams of those in hell never stop. The pain never leaves. This is what you are choosing as your final destination. No sin enters into My kingdom.

You say you can’t stop sinning but what I see is you do not even try to resist temptation. You love your sins and embrace them daily without one thought of sorrow for committing them.

My children, did your Pastor tell you that you are saved when he himself is following his sins straight to hell? You follow these churches blindly to hear the itchy ear gospel and to hear false doctrine because it justifies your sins, your lifestyles. Are you willing to throw away everlasting life for all eternity for a temporary pleasure as you feast on flesh? My kingdom is eternal and hell is eternal!

If you do not come clean before Me, The Great I AM you will burn for all eternity. Have you not learned anything through my prophetic warnings? *asatan is a liar and has been from the beginning. He has his wolves on stages telling you just get baptized in this tub of water and you are free forever.

My Son hung on the tree with His flesh pulled apart, bleeding profusely to make a way for you, to show love to you that no man can give for there is no greater love than this. My Son did all this so that you might be saved, get to know Him, have a relationship with Him yet you crucify Him over and over again and take His sacrifice lightly.

I am the Father of Creation, I gave My Only Begotten and Beloved Son to you and I DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!!!! I require holiness, righteous living, a turning away from sin, complete surrender to Me. I gave My Spirit so that you would be comforted and led by Me but you walk away willingly and so I leave. You grieve My Spirit and I cannot live in those that continuously embrace the same sins with no desire to change, to stop.

Many of you had My Spirit in you at one time but I am no longer there. Don’t be so confident that you are saved. You need to re-examine your heart, your lifestyle. If you are not experiencing any conviction while you partake in a sin, then I AM is NOT there! Do you understand?

MY PEOPLE, HEAR ME NOW. If you are backslidden or lukewarm, you must repent and return to Me or you will soon completely fall away. Is this what you desire? I desire it not. Remove yourselves at once from these wolves for it is a matter of life and death to your soul. Remove yourselves from anything that has to do with Babylon. This is all paganism and idolatry which I detest.

My true followers hate what I hate, they desire holiness and seek it daily. They come before Me daily and ask for cleansing and forgiveness, they hate the abominations as I do. These are My children, those who desire to please Me, turn from sin, and live in obedience out of love for Me. This has nothing to do with “works” and they are not trying to earn their way to heaven. They pure and simply love Me and do not just give Me lip service as you hypocrites do proclaiming you love Me!

Do you think you can stand before My Holy Presence with all your excuses regretting how you rejected living in My ways then and believe I will let you in? It is too late then. You must get right with Me now!

Do you not notice all the weather disasters and judgments falling upon the earth? You do not have much time left. I will show mercy on those who truly seek Me and lay it all down at My feet and ask forgiveness.

The enemy has his wolves teach that you are not under the law yet do not My commandments define what is sin? Without these you would have never known what I require. My commandments define sin and what is sin? Sin is transgression of the law is it not? Stop believing the Once Saved Always Saved, greasy grace gospel, prosperity gospel, itchy ear gospel, and the gospel that is of the antichrist teaching that you can live in disobedience to My law, My commandments. This was put in place to free you and when you live against My commands you are in bondage and *asatan has you right where he needs you to be.

I will be removing these servants that do the work of the Father of lies and purging, some to their death! Do you not see how these are the ones that earn their incomes by fleecing My children earning their favor through “works”? *asatan rewards his followers with filthy lucre.

My true disciples, Pastors, preachers, evangelists, watchmen, prophets, messengers are not living lavish lifestyles. If you are going to a church and those leading are living deliciously in beautiful homes with everything they desire, RUN and do not look back. This is your RED FLAG to get away! Do not give them your hard earned money. Remove yourselves.

All you need is Me. I AM is available anywhere at anytime. I am not in those buildings built on sand. Children, you have been deceived far too long. Do you not know that you are the “temple”? This is why you must not defile the body for it is the temple I reside in when you receive My Spirit. You are the body of Yahusha (Jesus Christ). Clean your temples of all filth!

I have poured out My heart to you so many times. I have given you truth to live by. I have shown you how *asatan has you bound to his Babylonian system. I have given instruction to remove yourselves. I have shown you what false doctrines his wolves teach you.

What will it take for you to see that I AM LOVE and out of love, I warn over and over and over again. What will it take for you to come out from under these lies you’ve held onto all these years?

I AM is your friend, your healer, your truth, your comfort when you need it, the shoulder to cry on, your shield, your Savior. Children, all you need is Me; you and I alone in the quiet of your room. I desire a relationship, a direct one on one connection. This is what you were born for. You were born to love Me as I love you.

Why do you complicate things with “religion”? Religion is manmade. I am accessible to all. Get rid of your “religiousity”. It has no place in Me. Just simply come! Let me show you the way to the peace, love you need. It is in Me. I offer it to you and I offer you everlasting life if you will just come as you are, confess it just to Me alone. It will please Me greatly if you seek Me alone; just talk to Me as you would a best friend. Let it go child. Unlearn what you have learned. I AM is easy to come to. Do not be afraid of Me as you confess. I want to cleanse you, forgive you.

Come My child, Come to Me

I love you!

(After I received this Word He said: these warnings are coming to a close soon and no scriptures needed on this Word. This Word is to wake the sleeping flock up)

Given to Ms. Sophie on 9/21/2017

I was spending time with Yah on 9/24/2018 and asked permission to post this definition of Ha Satan (asatan). He told me Yes, I could put this here so here It is and I will not answer questions on this. The answer is already here. Thank you.

The original Hebrew term sâtan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎) is a generic noun meaning “accuser” or “adversary”,[9][10] which is used throughout the Hebrew Bible to refer to ordinary human adversaries,[11][10] as well as a specific supernatural entity.[11][10] The word is derived from a verb meaning primarily “to obstruct, oppose”.[12] When it is used without the definite article (simply satan), the word can refer to any accuser,[11] but when it is used with the definite article (ha-satan), it usually refers specifically to the heavenly accuser: the satan.[11]

Ha-Satan with the definite article occurs 13 times in the Masoretic Text, in two books of the Hebrew Bible: Job ch. 1–2 (10×)[13] and Zechariah 3:1–2 (3×).[14] Satan without the definite article is used in 10 instances, of which two are translated diabolos in the Septuagint and “Satan” in the King James Version (KJV):


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6 Replies to “Prophetic Word: All You Need Is Me, NOT RELIGION (Ms. Sophie)”

  1. Anyone who demands bloody animal sacrifice is bloodthirsty. Pure logic. Yahweh or anybody else.
    Every time I said in conversation with people the cold fact – that Jesus never said His father name is Yahweh, the response is: “Please go back and read the Bible from front to back.”

    No reason, no logic, just – go back and read the Bible from front to back. Of course, Roman emperor and power hungry priests version of the Bible.

    And guess what? Jesus never said His father name is Yahweh.
    His Father is God of Love, not of bloody sacrifice.

    Ancient Hebrews, like the Greeks, believed in polytheism in which some individual deities may be considered good and others evil. Mythological deities often personify the malevolent aspect of God. The Hebrew nation had its own deities who protected them, answered their prayers, gave them good harvests, good health, victory in wars and responded to sacrifices and rituals.

    However, over time, Judaism evolved from polytheism, the belief in many gods, to henotheism, the worship of one god by a particular people, and finally to monotheism, the belief in one supreme God whom they call Yahweh or Jehovah. This god imparted ideas, rituals, practices and laws that are out of place in the modern era. For instance, decapitation, stoning, mass murder and certain other activities in the extant Bible that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored are taboo and considered savage today. However, the deception, vengeance, hate and jealousy that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored in the Old Testament are still in vogue today.

    Judaism, with its monist approach, made Yahweh responsible for all the good and bad things in the world, including the Adversary. Thus, according to Judaism, both good and evil belong to God; evil is but a negative aspect of God – His shadow or dark side that falls on the Hebrews when they offend Him. This view is clearly exemplified in the Old Testament as in the book of Isaiah 45:7:

    I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do these things.

    The Hebrews believed that all the things that happened in people’s lives occurred according to the will of their God, Yahweh, the one and only all-powerful creator of all things who represented both good and evil. The idea that evil represents the shadow of God continues to influence many people today. Consequently, moral evil – that which occurs when a human being knowingly and deliberately inflicts suffering on another – is attributed to the dark side of humankind, which mirrors the dark side of God. No wonder there are many who resist the concept of absolute evil and claim that there is no evil.
    Perhaps one of the reasons why the dualist concept of evil is rejected in favour of the monist notion is because the dualist idea of evil is too painful for those who cannot bear to think that one of their loved ones could, in fact, be a False-Light being of Darkness. Therefore, it is comforting for them to believe that there is only one creation and that there is good and evil in everyone, and that the evil in us is only the shadow of the good. This type of denial gets them nowhere. Certainly, very few evil ones would want to admit that they are evil. Therefore, it is convenient for them to deny the existence of absolute evil.

    1. Watch this video and you will learn His name AND why?

      Have we been marked with the Name of YAHUAH on our faces — without even knowing it?

      According to Genesis 1:26-27, HE has Created us IN HIS IMAGE!!! THE NAME OF OUR FATHER IS MARKED ON ALL OF OUR FOREHEADS!!! IT’S UNIVERSAL!!!!!!!

      PROOF Y = bridge between our eyes

      A = nose

      H = mouth

      U = chin

      Many of the prophets, Hebrew Israelites, and Biblical forefathers before us had the Name of Our Father (YAH; YAHU) in their own names. For example: –

      YAHUSHA (Our Mashiyach/Messiah) – Yahuchanan = John – MattithYahu = Matthew – Yahudah = Judah; Jude – EliYahu = Elijah – YashaYahu = Isaiah – Yaram’Yahu = Jeremiah – NechemYah = Nehemiah – OvadYahu = Obadiah – Yahu’al = Joel – TsephanYahu = Zephaniah – ZakarYahu = Zechariah – Yahusha = Joshua Of course, there are many more, but these are just a few… “Even every one that is CALLED BY MY NAME: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.” ~

      Isaiah 43:7 “And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having HIS FATHER’S NAME written in their FOREHEADS.” ~

      Revelation 14:1 “And they shall see his face; and HIS NAME shall be in their FOREHEADS.” ~ Revelation 22:4 “And it shall be for a SIGN unto thee UPON THINE HAND, and for a MEMORIAL BETWEEN THINE EYES, that YAHUAH’s Law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath YAHUAH brought thee out of Egypt.” ~

      Exodus 13:9 “Because that which may be known of YAH is manifest in them; for YAHUAH hath shewed it unto them. For the INVISIBLE THINGS OF YAH from the creation of the world ARE CLEARLY SEEN, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and divinity; so that they are WITHOUT EXCUSE.” ~ Romans 1:19-20 “Sing unto ALUAH, sing praises TO HIS NAME: extol him that rides upon the heavens BY HIS NAME YAH, and rejoice before him.” ~ Psalms 68:4


    2. BD,
      You appear to believe very similar to Marcion. Polycarp stated he was the first born of Satan. I encourage you to research Marcion as you seem to have a kindred spirit with him.

      1. He or she has been posting comments for a few days and all were blasphemous against Yah and I would delete them and I will delete any further ones they try to post on here. Just so you know.

  2. How many prophets are here on this webpage? 30? 40? So many of them, its hard to count number. Jesus warned us there will be many false prophets.
    One day you will stay in front of Jesus, and He will ask you: “Sophie, why you promoted so many false prophets on your webpage when I warned against false prophets?”


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