Prophetic Word: Is Something Coming? Another September Warning (Anonymous)

Prophetic Word: Is Something Coming? Another September Warning (Anonymous)

Another September Warning – Anonymous

Last night, I was praying in the Spirit when I heard, “Watch this weekend.” I didn’t really know what that meant at the time.

I continued to pray while speculating openly what this meant. I didn’t inquire, just speculated.

After I finished praying and laid down, I was almost asleep when I heard, “It’ll be an earthquake.” I don’t know where or when.

However, as I told you a few days ago, when Bette and I emailed she thought an earthquake was next and it would be in an unexpected place.

I’m not saying anything will happen this weekend. But today is the 21st. A few weeks ago, I was led to listen to “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.” The lyric, “Do you remember the 21st day of September?” kept ringing in my head.

Also, a few years ago the band Green Day had a song called “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” The song is about summer coming to a close, but September being worse. They keep repeating “wake me up when September ends.” Is there meaning here, I don’t know?

I’m just sharing what happened last night in prayer and while trying to sleep. I pray I am wrong. Because if not, this weekend (and Sunday is 9/23) could be filled with A LOT of death somewhere on earth, most likely in the US.

You have my permission to share this if you choose to. I just wanted to inform you of what I heard last night.



Last night I was told while praying in the Spirit, “Watch this weekend, Ken.” 



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