Another Joining In The Fight Of Exposing All Pedophiles (dnajlion7)

Another Joining In The Fight Of Exposing All Pedophiles (dnajlion7)

Torah Observant Faithful follower dnajlion7 coming forth now and exposing a lot on this and much more.

Yup! nothing lasts forever. And all that is hidden in the dark will be revealed by the light! It’s a fundamental spiritual principle that Yah set in place since the beginning of the ages!

Not sure if you know this friends but the man that owns this ranch is a really good friend of OBAMA.

Exposing the pedophiles in Hollywood



Ms. Sonshine1 month ago (edited)

Add Tom Hanks to your list. All supporters of the sick Clintons.

Absolutely no one should be going to the movies anymore supporting these baby rapers!
I don’t know how people are still naive about Tom Cruise! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines of everything that Katie Holmes has said and the fact that she will not even allow him to see or talk to his daughter and come to the conclusion that he has either molested or pimped out his own little girl! Scumbags will get what they deserve one day!
I had a feeling since his ex wife Nicole Kidman is one as well. Nicole Kidman’s dad is the founder of a based pedo ring . They are all satanists, whom happen to not like mirrors . Hiumm!!!
You can fight back, people. C’mon! how, you ask?….. NO more movies, NO more books, NO more creepy Hollywood looks. NO more Oscars, NO more Emms, expose their lies, Repub or Dems! Save the cash you would have spent, use it for things that are Heaven sent Logic reveals a Heaven and sadly a Hell… so teach your loved ones. and TEACH THEM WELL.
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