EXPOSING AS LED TO BY THE HOLY SPIRIT : Kristy Allen-MK Ultra, SRA Survivor ITNJ Seating (Share With All Please)

EXPOSING AS LED TO BY THE HOLY SPIRIT : Kristy Allen-MK Ultra, SRA Survivor ITNJ Seating (Share With All Please)

I am being led by the Holy Spirit to expose this sexual abuse. Here she speaks of what the Mormon Church leaders do to children and it’s pretty disturbing but we, Christians, cannot remain quiet about this or ignore the fact it is happening and just walk away saying “let someone else deal with it”. We are complicit in God’s eyes if we choose not to share this, expose them for what and who they are so that those held captive can be set free and those that were abused can heal. This is widespread in all denominations and there are many favors given to those in leadership that participate also. So, it is not just the Mormon religion but in every religion. Sexual abuse has no limitations on what church they will hide behind.

Please share with all and I will be posting Cathy O’Brien’s firsthand testimony also and Kristy mentions her in the video. This is rampant in churches and now I am understanding why Elohim is saying “get out of the churches”. There is much we don’t know that goes on with those in the highest levels of church leadership. Help me in sharing and exposing these Satanists that pose as sheep when they are really wolves. You know, we were all born for this time and are you getting the picture now my Christian friends? The devil has had his for years doing his dirty work and we are put here now to bring that work down and to bring all down who do his dirty deeds. When the Body as One comes together instead of bickering over things that really are not important then progress is made and we can take satan down. If the body stands divided, satan wins.

Thank you and May God bless you for doing so!  They use Elohim’s name as a cover!!! You know by exposing this we are helping those still held under their thumb in abuse and mind programming and setting the captives free!! Please do your part and let it go viral. If you find out in any church you visit or go to about this going on then please report them right away.

I am amazed that reading the daily news is like opening up the Book of Revelations . It is an exciting time to be alive. We were born for this time.
I pray it ends and all the innocent children and souls affected will be protected and find healing. Listen to Senator Schaeffer who was killed after exposing ‘child abduction services’ and by following the money and crimes by these agencies. So many children caught up in legalized kidnapping as far as I’m concerned! I pray for this woman’s protection as she is sitting in the room with some who are quite possibly involved. This is just one of thousands of stories. Maybe millions if only they could speak out without repercussions to themselves or other family members. The system is corrupt from the highest levels down. I hope you take the time to look up Senator Schaeffer’s evidence as she tried exposing just a part of this.
I’ve heard a lot about mind control, CIA, and the military, but so much information coming from one person is incredible. I find her credible because everything she says in complete testimony have been said in part by many others. This is why our politicians are acting in such a mad way, they are losing control as their secrets come forward. The Lord said that all things done in secret will be revealed, and I believe this is what is happening.


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