Prophetic Word Fitting For This Time: “The Perestroika Deception” (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word Fitting For This Time: “The Perestroika Deception” (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

“The Perestroika Deception!”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


America, the webs of deception that has been spun against you, has caught your imagination and focus. You have been blinded to the reality of truth by the power of persuasion! You are lulled asleep by the lullaby’s that “all is well”, but soon your sweet dreams will be replaced with the nightmare you have rejected!

The fault lines have been readied underneath your feet of joy! You dance in glee not knowing what lies beneath! Deception is the air you breathe; your garments of festivities will be turned into garments of sorrow and mourning as in the days of a funeral. Buried will be your dreams, plans, and schemes that have been birthed without Me, says your God! You were created for My joy, I was not created for you! You will lament America, you will weep and howl for the calamities that are here! Great woe is coming, great woe is coming, great woe will fill your land as you celebrate the god of mammon!

To My Church, prepare to be hid in Me, prepare to take shelter within Me, for as soon as the storm passes, I will release you upon this land and great will be My glory, and great will be My reward! For then will your nation have a hearing ear, then I will make Myself known throughout the Earth!”

(The scripture references for the message is Jeremiah 31 and Matthew 2)

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