“Many Virgins Are Under Consideration” (Terri Hill)

“Many Virgins Are Under Consideration” (Terri Hill)


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The Word of God has recorded that within the Kingdom there are many daughters of Jerusalem, queens, concubines and virgins without number. There are numerous separated ones who were initially given a portion of oil, and this oil varies, from one to another. The many daughters of Jerusalem are a vast company of those who are born into the Kingdom. Multitudes have been justified, purchased through the Blood of Jesus Christ. And all of these have received the invitation to participate in the high calling.

Separated ones are called virgins, and every virgin must be purified; each must endure the process of sanctification, entirely and completely. Those who would contend for the prize must cooperate with the stern dealings of the Holy Spirit in full obedience. There is a gift of eternal life to be received, but there is also a prize to be won. If any should draw back from the intensity of the preparation they will not qualify. Few have counted the cost; few are willing to pay the price of that which will cost them everything. Many are called, but few are chosen. It is from this great multitude, that a consecrated group, a “choice one” shall be selected. For these, the enticement of sin has lost its appeal; the world has nothing for them; it is but a fading memory. Among the many virgins (separated ones), queens (the prominent ones), concubines (those who enjoy His benefits) and daughters (all who are born in the Church), there is “the choice one”.

The choice one is the Bride of Christ. She has abandoned the worldly congregations to seek Him out. She has no reputation to preserve and nothing to prove. She has cut off Her loyalties and allegiances to the man-made systems, which impose their own rules, doctrines and formulas. She did not find the One that She loves within the hierarchy of the elitist clergy. The choice one has sought Him out upon the streets in broad places. She looked for Him in the places of renown, but He wasn’t there. She searched for Him in the structure of Babylon, but instead, she was wounded by their shepherds and devoured by the wolves. She encountered the keepers of the walls of that system, who stripped Her, whose influence sought to control and manipulate Her. In her quest for love, She found the hirelings with their smooth speech, but they abused her and used Her for their own purposes. She met the Nicolaitans, who take on titles for themselves, who elevate themselves above the people. These have attempted to lord over Her, to use Her to help build for themselves a city, a tower and a name. She encountered Balaam’s company, the covetous ones, whose rebellion and immorality leads many astray. Many have tried to seduce Her through flattery and offers of prestige, position and privilege. Even those who are sincere, have appealed to Her to partner with them, but their ways have departed from the ancient paths, and they practice a mixture. And so She cannot be joined to these; She departs from idolatry and spiritual fornication.

The Lord Jesus leads His choice one into the Wilderness; away from the multitudes, away from all that she loves and holds dear. At times, He has hidden Himself from Her; however, this has only strengthened Her resolve to find Him and seek Him out. She is tested and broken; She is misunderstood and abandoned by others. She comes to the end of her own strength and resources. She knows the sting of rejection and the pain of separation. Having shunned the pursuit of a comfortable existence among the Laodiceans, She embraces the only One Who can comfort Her. She feels the heat in the furnace of affliction. She has wept and suffered in silence, and He has allowed this. For He knows that after the dark night of the soul, light will break forth like the dawn, and She will arise in a new day. By entering into His sufferings, She too, will gain a crown. She will sit with Him in His throne, ruling and reigning with Him. And so She is brought to the place where She finds solace and refuge in only Him; He has become Her Life. And when He brings Her up from the Wilderness, She leans upon Him, drawing strength from Him, with every step She takes. She rises up when He calls to Her. She is exhilarated when She hears His voice, and when He comes to Her. She dwells in the clefts of the Rock, in the secret places of the stairs. She has heard the call to ascend the mountain, to see from His perspective. And from that Heavenly vantage point of being seated with Him, she looks down upon the dens where the predators dwell. She looks down upon all the kingdoms of the Earth and recognizes that He has conquered all; He has overcome the world. As She follows and pursues Him continually, intimacy grows. She is His choice one, His enclosed garden, with a spring of water shut up within. Living water nourishes every plant and every spice that grows within Her; and He in turn, is refreshed by that which is His. And when the Wind blows upon His garden, a fragrance is released. Any invasive, wild vine is purged from Her; any weed of rebellion within the soil of her heart is plucked up by the roots. She is carefully tended through the seasons and becomes His pleasure ground. No stranger from the outside can intrude upon that which is exclusively His. The choice one is the Wife of the Lamb, the Bride of Christ, who enters into the joy of intimacy with Him. She has departed from spiritual adultery, affairs with the world, from being intimate with many. She has refused any lover that would contend for Her affections. She seeks a union with only Him.

From among the daughters, a selection is made, and many virgins are under consideration. Many are called and anointed; many are used by the Father for His purposes. And yet, to be found worthy of the high calling, they must forsake all. They die to sin and to the world: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. But they must choose again; they must make the decision to accept the final death blow: death to self, and this they will do willingly. They cannot preserve their own lives, because they lose their lives. They cannot control their own lives, because their lives are not their own. The Cross has left its mark on them; their hands bear the mark of their service unto Him; their feet bear the mark of being led by Him upon a lonely, narrow path, the way that is despised by most. Their heart has been pierced with many sorrows; their minds have been assaulted and buffeted by the thorns of the enemy. But in losing their lives, they find His; even now they are ascending within, and so shall they be raised in power, in incorruption and immortality. From this place of full surrender, of abiding in His love and obedience to His will, a choice one will gain a crown and arise unto a glorified life!


“There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number. My dove, my undefiled is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her. The daughters saw her, and blessed her; yea, the queens, and the concubines, and they praised her”; Song of Solomon 6:8-9

Terri Hill


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