For Naysayers: A Biblical Flood: Yes, It Is Pretty Bad In NC

For Naysayers: A Biblical Flood: Yes, It Is Pretty Bad In NC

Many are saying nothing really happened in NC; that this Hurricane Florence didn’t cause any damage or very minimal damage so here is a local reporter in the area recording from her home on 9/14/2018 and then on 9/17/2018. Wilmington downtown area and Market Street areas were hit pretty hard with flooding also.

update on 9/17/2018

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Florence Around where J7409 lives.
Hi everyone just wanted to show you what i was able to get before it really got bad at my house, and around my area. The water is nothing like this now DO NOT WORRY…….I can see my pier now, well the top of it anyway. Florence was a very different kind of hurricane. All the other hurricanes i have ever been in for the most past followed the coast and when they leave they take the water back out to some degree. Florence just kept piling up and never took out a drop! I want to thank all of you for your prayers, and thoughts, and donations. And as soon as i can talk good again we will have a get together live. Much peace Love and Kindness to each of you.. J ..

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