10 Prophetic Dreams Of Tsunamis, Several On The East Coast (Kasey Streichert Burt)

10 Prophetic Dreams Of Tsunamis, Several On The East Coast (Kasey Streichert Burt)

Tsunami – Dream 10

Last night another Tsunami dream. I haven’t had one in a while. In the dream my husband and I were on what appeared to be a large city street. I am not sure where we were, it could have been any coastal area I guess. It seemed like an overcast day and we were crossing the street, when we were in the middle of the street my husband asked “What’s wrong with that bridge?”

I looked down the street to a bridge that crossed over a river to the beach side, it reminded me of the Granada bridge in Ormond Beach, Florida but I am not certain it was that area. What I saw turned my blood cold. A huge mountain of water, maybe 200 feet in height or more was coming over that bridge which was already a very high built bridge, probably a 100 feet or more in height. This mountain of water nearly cut off the view of the skyline in that direction.

The ocean was crushing everything in its path. We could hear the sound of it coming, the moisture in the air. I turned to my husband and said run! We began running down the street along with a number of other people who had been on the street. Suddenly, it was as if we were trying to run through molasses, we and all the others running were dragging their feet, trying to get away from this mountain of water coming at us.

Then, in an instant it was all gone and everything appeared normal again. My husband who has never really taken the Tsunami dreams seriously, in this dream did. He began to tell people about the experience and I along with him. Then I woke up.

This morning I looked back to see how many of these dreams I have had and when they started. From my writings the dreams began around 2001-2002 and last night’s dream was the 10th.

This is what I sense about this dream. God is about to let loose the angels that have held the four corners of the earth. He has faithfully warned through His servants that judgment will come if humankind does not repent and turn away from our depravity and wickedness. In the dream the mountain of ocean water was upon us and we could not get away by running from it.

We cannot run from God’s righteous judgment. Instead we must turn and face that judgment and repent. Humankind has been running to their own dissolution, not wanting to acknowledge that with God there are absolutes, that He judges between what is good and that which is evil.
The other aspect I see in this dream is the need for the Household of God to wake up! We must stand up for truth regardless of the cost. I see too many believers cowering like beaten dogs, fearing for their own welfare and not a sound coming from their lips.

We are to be a peculiar people, we are to be a godly clean people. In addition, the Household of God must finally accept the fact that our time here on earth has a different priority than others. Our purpose is to get the message out that the Son of God is the Messiah, that there is life after our mortal bodies die. In addition, that the decision we make here on earth, live God’s way or our own way will have eternal consequences.

I liken our physical bodies as the vehicle that carries us, our awareness of who we are around. One day that vehicle if you will, will no longer be viable, it will die, but who we are will not. That “awareness” of who you are, what you think is called your spirit and that will never die off, instead it will live eternally. Eternally means it will never die but live on forever and ever.

According to scripture, at the day of the Final Judgment God will bring all those who have died together and placed them in a new body. Then the decision we made here on earth on who we were living for will be brought forth for every single person. If you lived for God, your place with Him is secure. A place where there is no pain, no suffering, no crime, no hunger, no loneliness.

If you decided to live for yourself, do your own thing and not live within the guidelines God provided for us, if you decided you did not want Yeshua as your Messiah, then a terrible judgment consequence will be put in place. A terrible place that God calls Hell. It is where all the wicked, the murderers, liars, sexually perverted and those involved with the occult will suffer eternally in horrific pain that never ends. Along with those who denied Jesus, the adversary and his demons will be thrown in as well.

I know many will not want to believe this place exists and that a loving God would not create such a place. However, it is because He loves and wants to protect the godly from the wicked that He has. The severity of Hell is frightening. Yeshua faced that reality when He was nailed to a cross and died on it to pay the penalty for all past sin, the sin in His present and all the sin to come in the future. He died and willingly went to Hades which is like a holding tank where all those who had died in wickedness were awaiting judgment. The scripture states He remained in Hades three days, giving all of those a chance to make a decision for Him so that their eternal destiny could be changed. He was offering up forgiveness, a clean slate for their eternity.
Yeshua is offering that up today and His life on earth over 2,000 years ago left a legacy of that chance for all those who would come into the world after He left. Yeshua sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, strengthen us and teach us how to live differently from the wicked. How to reach those who are spiritually lost.

This is our purpose here on earth, because this life will pass in a blink of the eye and we will be standing before God much sooner than you think. I am praying that you have made the right decision and that you are sharing the importance of that decision with others.

Kasey Streichert Burt


September 15, 2018 8:19 PM

I have had 10 dreams regarding Tsunami’s, several on the East Coast, others I had no real idea where I was. I have posted them on my blog. I really don’t know what else to do with these. I am putting the link here, perhaps someone reading will be given more clarity.


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  1. This spring, you will hear on the news that an asteroid is headed towards Earth. The plan is to use nuclear weapons to divert/destroy it. This will be your urgent signal to leave Florida… Gather your love ones and drive to the mountains of Georgia or Alabama. You should be there when the weapon(s) are detonated. Selflessness is the key to your future.


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