What A Devious World We Live In: Pentagon Funds Covert Communications Gear That Attaches To Your Molar Tooth…

What A Devious World We Live In: Pentagon Funds Covert Communications Gear That Attaches To Your Molar Tooth…

Pentagon funds covert communications gear that attaches to your molar tooth and allows you to make cell phone calls from inside your own head



If you see someone talking to themselves, they might not be crazy: They might just be a secret agent. The Pentagon has just invested a staggering $10 million in a California company’s “Molar Mic” technology. The Molar Mic allows users to send and receive radio transmissions discretely with a device that attaches to the molar tooth. The nearly-invisible device eliminates the need for external microphones, headsets and earpieces.

Once this technology hits the streets, you’ll really never know who’s watching. The investment from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) will fund field testing and the deployment of the Molar Mic, which is being heralded as the next Bluetooth.

Sonitus Technologies, the wireless communications tech company behind the Molar Mic, received funding early on from In-Q-Tel, the non-profit investment arm of the CIA. But now, the device is ready for more in-depth testing.

Peter Hadrovic, CEO of Sonitus, won’t say if CIA operatives are already using the device, but did say that Molar Mic has been to Afghanistan and has been used in stateside rescue operations.

How the Molar Mic works

For transmitting audio, the Molar Mic features a mouthpiece that’s equipped with a waterproof microphone, which is tailored to fit the wearer’s teeth.

After it’s put in place, all the wearer has to do is speak normally and the device will send the audio to a radio transmitter, worn on a loop around their neck. The neck transmitter then sends the audio to a second radio unit worn on another body part. The second transmitter will then send the audio to the recipient.

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For receiving transmissions, things work a little differently. As Futurism explains:

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