Prophetic Dream: Everything Was Backwards & Nothing Made Sense (Catherine Webb)

Prophetic Dream: Everything Was Backwards & Nothing Made Sense (Catherine Webb)


—-Below is a dream from last night and the LORD told me to post and allow others to start hearing from the Lord themselves—Many will understand the dream– for those that are becoming bold by the Spirit of the Lord step out and give your meaning to the dream–You will see how the Spirit of the Lord will make all things clear to you–

Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.


Dream: Things in the dream were backwards and nothing made sense. It was like Alice in Wonderland– People were doing things beyond their own control. They had no mind of their own, they were just in motion doing things as in a circus, everyone was a sideshow. i was walking through the middle of these things (as Alice) an observer, then I would wake up and the Lord would say, “NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS” I would fall back to sleep and the same dreams would come with different characters…When i would awake The LORD would say “ALL THINGS ARE BACKWARDS AND NOTHING IS AT IT SEEMS” —

I just woke up from a dream and in this one I recognized my 2 of my cousins and my cousins husband (which have all passed on) and my cousins son which I have not seen in decades— They were all talking about things and deceiving one another-how nothing was truth and it had all been a lie. I remember a washing machine and clothes washing and a dryer with some wet and some fully dry clothes inside. The scripture God gave me was Ecclesiastes 1:9—then I went and read the entire chapter—

Catherine Webb 9/14/2018

nothing/ makes/ sense/ anymore. | day 86 falling faster ...




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6 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: Everything Was Backwards & Nothing Made Sense (Catherine Webb)”

    1. yes—Here was my interpretation:
      Interpretation: For the world that chase after their own dreams it is all vanity- nothing will satisfy- They will be stuck in their own ways for eternity-
      For the lukewarm Christians-they will wash their robes over and over again but never believing anything of the Lord, they still want their own desires first, they are mixed in with those of HIS people but remain separate by not becoming fully hot.(dryer). THEY REMEMBER GOD NO MORE.

  1. All I can think of is good being called evil and evil called good. How things that may appear to be of God are actually not, but rather lies and clever deception.

    Also that it will be like the beginning in the end. That this is nothing new.

    The part about people learning to hear from God really got me excited because I am not hearing him. I struggle with this so very much. I don’t know if it’s me doing something wrong or if he is choosing to be silent. How would I even know the difference? It is so hard and I am truthfully not satisfied with my walk.

    I will pray about this dream and see if he chooses to answer me.

    1. she was told not to use her blog; she sends it to me. Just like you teamed up with Jeff Byerly and Believe Acts 2 sends only to him

  2. Sister
    Thank you….As I read this earlier,the Lord said things are this way with events as well and knowing the times we are in,He said not all will happen as people seem to think<I and I alone am God and I will bring all things together at the appointed time,,,,,It would be wise that all go deeper in understanding my word,for it is Revelatory and it is read in the spirit.Shalom!!!!!!!!!


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