MUST WATCH: URGENT Update About Florence (Critical Details We Missed) & Truth & Analysis Of Hurricane Florence (inTruthbyGrace)

MUST WATCH: URGENT Update About Florence (Critical Details We Missed) & Truth & Analysis Of Hurricane Florence (inTruthbyGrace)

yes intruthbygrace2… there are a few and they are all mine 🙂

Truth Happens1 day ago (edited)

IMO, they’re trying to control the weather so they can depopulate and get all of the remaining people out of the rural land and coastal areas and into these huge “smart cities” they are building. They want full control of the population. This is just preprogramming for the events that are to come. Great coverage Grace. Excellent presentation.

Ed Ren 11 day ago

😎⚓ 🇺🇸 US Navy,, Been in many Hurricanes an Typhoons in my time .. but my question is exactly what is in South Carolina an North Carolina are they trying to take out… 😎 Nuclear Reactors.. Create another Fukishima .. doing this would Divide the East Coast ,No way to travel without going through the Mountains.. 😎. Divide and Conquer …😎⚓ 🇺🇸. Just Saying…

UNIDEN22111 day ago (edited)

Without a regular EMP – Nuke Bomb Strike, the power that be can take out a reactor and instant Fukishima Style contamination and massive panic….and call it just a storm, a act of nature, equipment malfunction. The Nuclear Power Gen Plants (“Grid) have always been there and have not been melted down and destroyed. Sounds like a perfect shtf disaster, real or fake. Radiation release via explosion and venting gas, alll goes up into the Jet Stream, for all to enjoy

jane doe1 day ago

Mike Morales channel did a video yesterday or day before. Showing clips from local news saying that the radar blowing up like a Xmas tree is because of “BIRDS” ..unfreaking believable.. Thanks for your hard work

Looking For Truth 591 day ago

Last week here in Camden SC they held active shooter drills in all the schools. I find it very odd that all the counties have closed all schools EXCEPT FOR KERSHAW COUNTY IN SC. HMMMMMMM.


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