Again Another Prophetic Warning: “Flooding Coming To The East Coast Of America..All The Way To Raleigh, Durham NC (Katie Troutman)

Again Another Prophetic Warning: “Flooding Coming To The East Coast Of America..All The Way To Raleigh, Durham NC (Katie Troutman)

“Flooding coming to the east coast of America… all the way to Raleigh Durham, North Carolina.” – Katie Troutman

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The Lord showed me more about North Carolina. It was the first time He spoke about this to me. I had a dream where an angel handed me a scroll and on it were lots of news articles and pictures. The pictures were alive. It was as if we were there looking at it live, but it was on the scroll.

My daughter and I were in our living room reading it when Jesus began to narrate and explain to us what it all meant. We read so many things in the scroll, but I only retained two of them when I awoke. The first was about North Carolina being flooded. My daughter and I were reading an article about it that said,

“Flooding coming to the east coast of America. It will flood all the way to Raleigh Durham, North Carolina.”

That was where I lived at that time. All of my life, that was our home. Even though the scroll identified the east coast of America, I’m sure it was more than that because I knew the Lord was showing me what was specific to my area because He was telling me to move. This was before I received another dream regarding the Ozarks and Smokey mountains.

I read printed on the scroll, three fourths of the people would die as a result of the flooding. I don’t know if that was in North Carolina only or the east coast. After we read that, Jesus appeared at my side and began explaining things to me. I don’t remember everything He said, just two articles, one about the North Carolina flooding and another about terrorism coming to America on levels we have never seen before.

As Jesus spoke, He began telling me many people were going to die and those who survived would do anything to survive, that they would become very violent . He told me there would be cannibalism due to the flooding in North Carolina and the east coast.

The next thing He explained to me was about the first article we read on the scroll, which was about terrorism in America. The picture underneath the article had a man in a cage and the terrorist had set him on fire. I saw this happening live, like it was really happening right before our eyes. The man was screaming and his eyes were so desperate. He was pleading for help.

Then the Lord told us it was going to become very violent in America, not just with terrorism. Jesus said it wouldn’t be safe to go to the grocery store.

In the dream, He had my daughter say to me, “What are we going to do mom?”

I replied, “This is why we have all of this food. We are going to go to the mountains like Jesus told us and hide there. We won’t go out and no one will ever know we’re there.”

Then Jesus started talking to us again asking, “Do you understand Katie why men are going to become so violent?”

I answered, “No Lord, why?”

He said, “It is because the spirit of antichrist is going to rise in man’s heart.”

Then I woke up. Then, about three months later, He showed me where to go. In a dream, I was shown the Ozark and Smokey mountains. Then He gave me more info on the flood.

We tried to postpone moving because my husband wanted to wait. I was so scared because I knew what God was showing me. There’s way more than that, but I knew I had to submit to my husband’s authority, so I just prayed and we agreed to wait. We canceled our moving plans and our new place.

That night after canceling, we prayed before bed and asked God for confirmation as a couple. That night, I had dreams all night long about the same thing…..a flood coming to North Carolina. I saw the flood waters come and people were running for their lives, including me. I ran with my elderly mother in a wheelchair. We received only thirty minutes warning to run to higher ground. I ended up at a crossroads, trying to make a decision whether to go or not. Then I heard the Lord say, “The flood is coming sooner than people think.”

In the first dream that night, I saw a written letter from God and it was signed, “Love, God.” In the letter, He gave me instructions on what to do and told me to move immediately.

I know what Christopher Harris saw in his recent dream is from God (see complete post). I’ve seen it over and over again too much to write. So many people have seen it, yet people still mock and laugh in disbelief and refuse to listen to God or His warnings. People get angry because they don’t want to hear it. I’m so scared for what those people will have to go through. I intercede for them every single day, praying in their behalf that God would wake them up and they would listen to His warnings and move to a safe place.

God has sent His warnings through so many people, but He’ll tell each of us personally so we can know for ourself where to go. These things are found in in the holy place, past the crowds of people and the chaos of the day. Seek the Lord with all your heart while He can still be found. Come before our Holy God and cry out to him and He will save you. It doesn’t mean we won’t walk through hard times, but we can be spared from some of this.

The flood hasn’t come yet. The door to the ark is still open wide. The power of His spirit can move you to the top of a mountain and you can walk in victory with your Lord and savior. With God all things are possible. We just have to surrender our agenda and conform to His plan for our lives and heed His warnings. He gives them for a reason. What if Lot didn’t want to relocate?

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