Back Door Martial Law Will Follow A False Flag Pandemic Release (Dave Hodges)

Back Door Martial Law Will Follow A False Flag Pandemic Release (Dave Hodges)

Back-Door Martial Law Will Follow a False Flag Pandemic Release

The CDC has granted itself new draconian powers which severely violate civil liberties with regard to the spread of an ever-growing list of maladies.

The loss of civil liberties, for the ill, is extremely broad and could be used to falsely imprison people under the guise that they are ill. In the new policies, the Director has extremely broad powers and the position is an at-will position solely subject to the whim of the President.

Its new incarnation is similar, but perhaps even broader in scope. It covers “public-health emergencies,” which are defined as any “communicable disease event” that the Director thinks could spread or “is highly likely to cause death or serious illness if not properly controlled.” (The Director can be changed by the President at any time without Senate confirmation.) During such events, the CDC could screen people at airports and other transport hubs, apprehend those they suspect of being ill for three days, and potentially quarantine or isolate them pending a medical review.

Excerpts from The Atlantic (a consistent mouthpiece for the Trilateral Commission)

It (CDC) is already authorized to detain people suspected of carrying diseases like plague, Ebola, and (somewhat improbably) smallpox. But the new rule does away with a formal list. It extends the same powers to any “quarantinable communicable disease,” and uses wider range of symptoms (from a list that federal agents can update as the need arises) for defining “ill” people.

 ….  James Hodge Jr, a professor of public-health law and ethics at Arizona State University, …feels that the “CDC risks sacrificing personal liberty at the altar of flexibility and expediency. The rule allows the CDC to move on somebody based on some belief that they might pose some amorphous risk to others,” says Hodge. “That’s not a standard that survives constitutional scrutiny. For a start, the rule is sparse when it comes to due process. It allows the CDC to detain travelers indefinitely before deciding whether to quarantine them, saying only that the agency “doesn’t expect” such apprehensions to last for more than 72 hours. It doesn’t make provisions for legal counsel if people can’t afford a lawyer themselves. And it puts any reviews of the agency’s decisions under the auspices of its own employees, rather than a neutral third party. Using the rule, “a future administration could hold travelers in government custody for days or weeks without providing an explanation or an opportunity for the individuals to challenge their detentions,” write Emma Roth and Kyle Edwards from Yale Law School.

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