Interesting To See: The True Original Site Of The Holy Temple In Jerusalem (Rebecca Lloyd)

Interesting To See: The True Original Site Of The Holy Temple In Jerusalem (Rebecca Lloyd)

I find this fascinating & take it to the Holy Spirit but I do remember an angel striking an area and he said something about the temple and that it was actually south of where it is now. It was a long time ago and someone on FB had that vision. Interestingly, in this video it says it was “south” of where they say it currently is. So, I personally do not know but found this rather interesting indeed. (also not saying this is where the 3rd temple would be built because that temple they plan on building is for satan only; we are the temple). That 3rd temple that Temple Institute says is ready to be erected will usher in their Antichrist so don’t be fooled. WE THE PEOPLE, are the temple of God. Now I do believe in this video that this could very well been the ORIGINAL site of where the Temple was long ago.

The proximity of the Gihon spring to the suggested location of the Temple is paramount to this being the correct site. Find the threshing floor and one will have found the location of Solomon’s Temple. Shalom and Maranatha!!
71superbee3 Yes, Gihon Spring has been found thru all the archeological digs going on today…2017. Biblical accounts also mention the threshing floor of the Temple and that is in the City of David, south of the Temple Mount. Many other findings, coins, signet rings etc are being found every day. The threshing flloor is in the City of David…ZION.
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