WHAT IS GOING ON? Two Planes In Philadelphia Under Quarantine! Sick Passengers (Hal Turner Radio Show)

WHAT IS GOING ON? Two Planes In Philadelphia Under Quarantine! Sick Passengers (Hal Turner Radio Show)


For the second time in two days, aircraft arriving in the United States from overseas have declared in-flight medical emergencies and been QUARANTINED upon arrival in the USA.

Today, two American Airlines flights, one from Paris and one from Munich, were QUARANTINED at Philadelphia International Airport because dozens of passengers on both flights suddenly became severely ill.

Emergency Responders from Philadelphia, from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are on the scene assessing the situation and rendering aid to the sick.

Yesterday at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, an Emirates Airlines plane arriving from Dubai, was QUARANTINED after reports of about 100 passengers suddenly took ill on the flight, with many suffering severe coughing, and several spiking sudden, high fevers.

Updates to the latest situation in Philadelphia will appear below as more information becomes available . . .



“As a precaution, all passengers on the two flights – totaling about 250 plus crew – were held for a medical review and the CDC was notified. CDC, the Philadelphia Health Department and the Philadelphia Fire Department personnel performed medical evaluations and assessments. The passengers — except for those affected — are in the process of being released. Airport operations were not impacted during this time,” the statement read.


3 passenger aircraft have been quarantined in the US due to … mass flu – Transport of biological material or something else? SQ;REMEMBER THE SPANISH FLU HAS BEEN CULTURED IN LABS AROUND THE WORLD-THIS IS EITHER MESSAGE OR TEST!


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