Must Watch: Something REALLY Strange Is Happening At Denver International Airport AGAIN! (2018) (Hacking the Headlines)

Must Watch: Something REALLY Strange Is Happening At Denver International Airport AGAIN! (2018) (Hacking the Headlines)

PROGRAMMING PEOPLE to come against all those that told them the truth about Illuminati, Nephilim etc. It is a marketing campaign so people won’t believe what they are truly doing and it will help them accomplish their goal of “depopulation and New World Order”. Why would they put all this out and pay all that money to do this if what those of us who speak truth is not truth? Why would they even have to unless they must make the truth tellers look crazy…..

My my my they have put in a whole bunch of effort in making this comical. Wow. I get extremely suspicious when folks “protest too much”. If it is such a silly little conspiracy theory….Why care? Right. Why go through all these shenanigans. Amazing piece.
There is a base underneath the airport it stretches to area 51 and dulce base and everywhere else.
The ” Lizard people ” are unfortunately very real, they are demonic Nephilim beings, they are shape shifting demons that pose as humans and hold levels of authority globally, they are strongly tied to the British royal family, it is only recently due to high definition technology that many have been exposed momentarily, though many like to blame it as a technical glitch, but if that is true then why do only those persons glitch out and not the rest of people or background? And why is it that they glitch long teeth and claws and evil faces? Why no glitch of flowers or anything pretty and pure?
My dear girl you have a great keen eye for all this evil and bless you for speaking against evil and trying to wake all these comatose people, but dont limit yourself to one aspect of truth, if they joke about it, it is because as you said it is to hide and plain sight, they don’t add extra to throw anyone off, they speak with truth mixed with sarcasm, they are liars but they cant help but tell the truth in a way people dismiss because its a bigger laugh for them in someone’s face than it is a laugh in a lie.
Its really disturbing. They made an airport for the people post apocalypse. That blue demon horse was very disturbing. Was it a coincidence that its maker died in that way? That place seems very disturbing
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